2020 Virtual Graduate Poster Showcase

October 29, 4:30-7:00 p.m.

Welcome to the 2020 College of Agriculture Virtual Graduate Poster Showcase! During these challenging times, we might not be able to come together in person, but we can stay connected. This year, we are converting our annual Graduate Student Poster Showcase to a virtual event. Please join us by presenting your poster, signing up as a judge and browsing our event website.

Register Your Poster

Sign Up to Judge

  1. (for students) Register for the virtual poster showcase event by clicking the Posters Sign-Up button.
  2. (for students) Materials submission (abstract and poster, both in .pdf format)
  3. Sign up as a poster judge by clicking the Judges Sign-Up button 
  4. Student presenters please email your personal Zoom meeting link to Kelly Pippin at kzp0025@auburn.edu. How to find your personal Zoom meeting link:
  • Visit: https://auburn.zoom.us/
  • Sign in (using your Auburn credentials)
  • Click “Profile,” find “Personal Meeting ID”
  • Email me the link (not the 10-digit ID): e.g. https://auburn.zoom.us/j/4399898510

Connecting the Dots

We will use AU Box Drive and Zoom to operate this event.

For item #2, student presenters will upload their abstract & poster to AU Box Drive. Each of you will be given a specific directory to upload your files to AU Box Drive. Please stay tuned in to email communication. The purposes of using AU Box Drive are to store your poster materials and let them be viewed digitally by judges. For those who are new to AU Box Drive, please visit: https://cla.auburn.edu/clait/assets/File/BoxSetup.pdf, install Box Drive to your device and navigate it. AU Box Drive is basically a “Cloud” and all AU users (current students + all AU employees) are licensed to use it.

A list of posters and the actual poster materials will be available online prior to the event date, which allows judges to review posters online in advance. It is also manageable for those who prefer to print the poster out and have the paper version by hand when judging.

Once the event kicks off at 4:30 PM, judges will enter student presenter’s Zoom meeting room by clicking the meeting link and following the assigned time slots. This information will be released once we receive and assign all the posters. As soon as a judge enters a student presenter’s Zoom meeting room, the presentation shall start as well as the interaction. Each student presenter will have full control of the Zoom meeting room and is responsible for admitting judges in order. There are specific Zoom settings will help make this virtual meeting experience go smoothly. The college will arrange practice run for both students and judges.

  • 60 posters
  • Recommendation: 10 min/poster (4 min for general review, 4 min for Q&A, 2 min for evaluation)
  • Based on the above recommendation, we will have 20 judges – 9 posters/judge (90 minutes/judge)
  • Virtual Event: October 29, 2020; 4:30 – 7:00 PM
  • Poster sign-up by: September 20
  • Judges sign-up by: September 30
  • Material (abstract and poster) submission by: September 30
  • List of posters ready by: October 11 (admin)
  • List of judge assignments and Zoom links ready by: October 11 (admin)
  • Virtual event website fully launch by October 25 (three days prior to the event date)
Leonard BellA-P (#1-9)https://auburn.zoom.us/j/4399898510

A_P_#1: Starting at 5:00 pm; last for 10 min

A_P_#2: Starting at 5:00 pm; last for 10 min

BREAK (15 minutes)

A_P_#9: Starting at 6:20 pm; last for 10 min

Yin BaoA-P (#1-9)https://auburn.zoom.us/j/4399898510
Jeff MichaelA-P (#1-9)https://auburn.zoom.us/j/4399898510