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This is the work that makes the world work.

As agricultural scientists, our focus is on the food, fuel, water and natural resources that keep our world moving. We are working to make food safer, the environment cleaner and communities healthier. We are working to stamp out poverty while making farms more efficient and sustainable. As one of the founding colleges of Auburn University, we tackle these goals through innovative research, academic rigor and outreach programs spanning around the world.

Latest From The Season

International interns study novel growth systems at Auburn

It’s become a bit of a tradition. Each summer, some of the best and brightest students at EARTH University in Costa Rica travel to Auburn to study and conduct research with the Auburn Aquaponics Project at the E.W. Shell Fisheries Center. In 2022, those students were...

Alabama Extension tackles critical issues in inaugural lecture

Experts in agriculture, the environment and nutrition will address critical topics impacting Alabama communities Thursday, Oct. 26, as part the Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s Extension Week activities. The lecture, “Sustaining Life: Exploring the Future of...


Building a better peanut plant

Auburn researchers look for drought tolerance The old adage of not being able to control the weather might be true, but Auburn researchers are looking for ways to at least mitigate the effects of drought on peanut production. The American Peanut Council has identified...

AAES research working to minimize nematode losses in Alabama crops

Farmers have a hard enough time battling the pests they can see. The ones they can’t see — like plant parasitic nematodes — present another challenge altogether. These worm-like, sometimes microscopic animals are major agricultural pathogens that attack Alabama crop...

Auburn agriculture researchers receive USDA-NIFA AFRI grants

Two researchers in the Auburn University College of Agriculture and the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station are recipients of separate grants from the USDA-NIFA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI), the nation’s leading competitive grant program for...

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