Matthew Brady

Matthew-Brady-Student-Spotlight, AERS major, Auburn Alabama

Matthew Brady is a senior studying Agricultural Business and Economics. Being a third generation cattle and catfish farmer in Marion, Alabama, Brady knows the ins and outs of running a business.

While at Auburn, he has been involved in the Agribusiness Club and is currently serving as an Ag Ambassador for the College of Agriculture.

Instead of taking the summer off to enjoy the sun and water on Lake Martin, Brady decided to expand his resume by working as an Assistant Teller and Intern at Farmers and Merchants Bank in Lafayette and Dadeville.

“It was a broad experience, so I got to learn many different things about banking,” Brady says. “I knew that I wanted to go into agricultural lending before starting the internship and getting to see many farmers come into the bank and talk to them about their operations was quite entertaining as well.”


“My favorite part about the summer experience was getting to know customers and figuring out the whole loan process,” he shares. “I am pretty personable, as many can probably say about myself. This summer I got to meet many people which I love doing, while assisting them in any way that I could. I convinced a kid to play his guitar to the whole staff inside the bank one day, I got to talk about cars and trucks to many customers, and I even got a couple surprise visits from family and friends! Not knowing much about the loan process going into the summer internship, I came out with a different aspect of knowledge on giving out loans and processing them.”


“As a Junior last year I talked to many different employers around the country about jobs and what different people are looking for out of an intern,” he says. “Many of the internships that I applied for wanted someone with experience. Well, my whole life I have worked at the family farm so that wasn’t anything that employers really wanted to see on a resume. As I got the same feedback from many people, I realized that I was looking in the wrong places and that I needed to step out of my comfort zone and do something that my future employers might like to see. Ag Economics does not require an internship in its curriculum, but I would consider one to all students no matter what major or what year you are. It is good to learn new things, new people, and new places.”


“My plans after graduation are up in the air, as many could probably say going into senior year,” Brady declares. “If I am not hired on with someone immediately after graduation, I will work on the same farm I have worked on my whole life. I have a couple of options up in the air at the moment, but I believe that the good Lord will lead me in the right direction after graduation in May.”


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