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Lord Kwakye Ameyaw completed a Master of Science Degree in Rural Sociology from Auburn University in 2013. He recently completed a PhD in Environmental and Forest Sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle. Lord works as an Agroforester with the Nebraska Forest Service in collaboration with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, National Agroforestry Center and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Lord’s scholarly work involves the interface between Natural Resource Management and the Social Dimensions, for which he has conducted various research studies in Southern US, the Pacific Northwest and his home country Ghana. He currently lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife and two kids.


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William Cahalin

William "Bill" Cahalin is the application systems analyst / webmaster for Auburn's College of Ag Comm-Marketing & Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station. An alumnus of Belmont University in Nashville, his work spans the music industry, publishing, aerospace, and enjoys lavish cocktail garnishes.

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