Lindy Olive

Lindy Olive is a research project coordinator at Northwestern University. She manages projects related to how women spend their time in a day (the 24-hour cycle) and outcomes for cardiovascular health. While at Auburn, she focused on local food systems, meal kits for low-income families, and women’s unpaid labor. She aims to make health research more participatory at every stage and hopes to begin a PhD program in the near future. Lindy received a bachelors in nutrition (2016) and masters in rural sociology (2018) from Auburn University, and she now lives in Chicago.


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William Cahalin

William "Bill" Cahalin is the application systems analyst / webmaster for Auburn's College of Ag Comm-Marketing & Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station. An alumnus of Belmont University in Nashville, his work spans the music industry, publishing, aerospace, and enjoys lavish cocktail garnishes.

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