Student Research

We give students first-hand experience with in-depth research through a year-long undergraduate research fellowship. The opportunity for this level of hands-on research is often what sets our students and alumni apart for research positions in industry, as well as top selection for graduate, veterinary and medical schools. Each research fellowship begins in the summer and extends through the spring semester. Renewal for a second year is available.

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Current Student Research


Photo of Kenzley Defler

Kenzley Defler’s research focuses on environmental and occupational exposures that could be contributing to an unusually large amount of cancer diagnosis in the Fruithurst community in Cleburne County, Alabama.


Photo of Madison Gohlke

The goal of Madison Gohlke’s research is determine the impact of mitochondrial nuclear exchange on obesity and metabolic disease in swine.


Photo of Sara Anne Gorman

Sara Anne Gorman’s research focuses on developing molecular assay in order to identify healthy oocytes by utilizing surrounding support cells.


Photo of Hallie Nelson

Hallie Nelson’s research focuses on why chronic food insecurity is a problem in Montgomery County, Alabama.


Photo of Judd Powell
Judd Powell’s research is about the effects on broiler chicken feeding behavior and nutrient intake while using different particle sizes and controlling proportions of fines.


Photo of Mary Jo Toohey

Mary Jo Toohey’s research project consists of evaluating the stability of rebaudioside-A, a high intensity sweetener extracted from Stevia, in differing buffer solutions.