Everett C. Easter, Sr.

Everett Easter, a native of Limestone County, attended Alabama Polytechnic Institute, receiving a bachelor’s in agriculture in 1921 and a master’s in agricultural engineering in 1924. He then joined the agricultural engineering faculty as an associate professor.

Easter was assigned to a cooperative experimental and research project funded byAlabama Power Company in which he supervised field studies that showed conclusively the important role electricity had to play on Alabama’s farms and in rural communities. In 1926, after the study was completed, Easter joined Alabama Power as chief agricultural engineer to supervise the expansion of electricity to rural areas of the state.

Easter served as manager of Alabama Power’s rural and towns division until 1949, when he was elected vice president of sales. By the time he became executive vice president in 1958, 25,000 miles of rural lines had been built to serve 200,000-plus customers. Those who knew and worked with Easter dubbed him the pioneer in rural electrification in Alabama.

Easter was awarded Alabama Power Company’s George W. Kable Electrification Award in 1968 in recognition of his contributions to the state’s rural electrification. He established a rural department within the company and staffed it with agricultural engineers who were capable in all phases of farm development. He insisted that all geographical areas and farms be served by electric power, and he inaugurated programs to accomplish this. He also established educationa land promotional programs for youth and adults to teach the advantages electricity offered Alabama’s farmers.

Easter maintained an active interest in helping improve Alabama agriculture throughout his career. He worked closely with the School of Agriculture at Auburn, the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service and the Alabama Farm Bureau. He was recognized by both the Alabama 4-H Club and the Future Farmers of America for his leadership in making farm life more productive and convenient.

Everett Easter died in 1979. He and his wife, the late Barbara Wright of Auburn, had one son, Everett C. Easter, Jr.