Chandler Mulvaney

Chandler is a junior from Beauregard, Alabama, studying agricultural communications. He is interning with Elanco Animal Health located in Portland, Oregon.

Position Title:
Companion Animal Sales Intern

Is this your first internship as a college student?
“No it is not. I was blessed with serving as the Beef Marketing intern for JBS, the largest protein provider in the world. Last summer I was located in Greeley, Colorado building marketing tools for the beef division. During that time, I was able to interact with all aspect of the meat community by spending my time in the feedlots, processing facilities and inside the corporate headquarters location. Now, I am having a blast interning for Elanco Animal Health located in Portland, Oregon as the regional Companion Animal Sales intern working primarily in the pain management category for felines. Majority of my days consist of making calls to local veterinarians, visiting them in person, observing surgeries, connecting with the Pacific Northwest sales team throughout Oregon and Washington and playing with cats and dogs all day.”

What made you choose to apply?
“The people make all the difference. Elanco has set themselves apart as a company that values your family, prior commitments and will honor your choices both inside and out the workplace by supporting their employees 150%, every step of the way. One of the four Elanco core values is humility and I have yet to find another company that urges you to be humble in the workplace while maintaining the “go getter” attitude that most companies appreciate above all else. I have witnessed amazing leaders inside the company with the ability to respect all people and make decisions based on the outcome and effect of their team rather than just themselves. In addition to their commendable company values, my dad worked for Elanco on a research sabbatical for one year located in Greenfield, Indiana when I was three years old. Even to this day, he always talks highly of his time spent working alongside the Elanco employees and that is why I chose Elanco.”

Describe the steps of the selection process.
“Elanco has a phenomenal internship program that is selective in nature and I have always had a positive interaction with the people I’ve met along the way who are employed by Elanco. The recruiting team at Elanco targets several land grant universities, leader based conferences and creates opportunities for students inside the company because of those interactions. I was fortunate enough to interact with several of the Elanco employees last summer, reconnected over LinkedIn this past fall, was interviewed at the Greenfield, Indiana headquarters office in November and offered a position in Companion Animal Sales a few weeks later.”

What are you hoping to learn or accomplish during the internship?
“I am a firm believer of the following anonymous quote: ‘Experience is the teacher of all things.’

Throughout my time with Elanco, I have already had a plethora of experiences that have taught me more about myself and who I want to be in the future, as a God-fearing man that values the people around me more than the results on the table before me. Ultimately, being thrown into the Companion Animal division has been quite different from my background raising Hereford cattle and I have already learned more about small animal treatment methods than I ever thought existed. My hope is that I am able to fulfill my commitment to Elanco by completing my project to the best of my abilities and continue experiencing all things that come my way. So far I have driven over 3,000 miles in a month, been in four states, visited Canada and have made several hundred phone calls. Despite all those trivial accomplishments, I know that by taking on every meeting, one on one interaction, email, sales survey, and much more with a positive and willing attitude, I will learn and grow more as an individual than I could ever imagine.” 

What advice would you give other students who are hoping to secure an internship in the future?
“Be aggressive. Be bold. Don’t ever give up. When it comes to securing internships, you have to make the connection happen yourself. Don’t wait until the last minute, send an email, make that connection on LinkedIn or simply pick up the phone and give that person or office a call. The interactions you personally create are going to make the difference in solidifying you an internship in the future. In the end, get out there and find a company that you respect, approach them with questions about their internship program and make something positive happen.”