Auburn agriculture honors outstanding students and 2021 summer graduates.


Two accomplished students from Auburn University’s College of Agriculture have been selected as recipients of the college’s Dean’s Award and Student Marshal. The final selection was made by the scholarship committee.

The following are the award winners by department, school or program.


ASHLYN PETERS — Department of Horticulture

B.S., ’21, Agricultural Science

Ashlyn Peters, of Dothan, Alabama, is graduating this semester with a degree in agricultural science. Ashlyn is a member of the Auburn Landscape and Nursery Association Club and gained professional experience at Bonnie Plant Farm. Her favorite classes are Vegetable Production and Pesticide Management. After graduating, Ashlyn will work at Botanic, a new garden retail center, entertainment area and farm-to-table restaurant opening soon.


AMRIT PAL — Department of Poultry Science

M.S., ’21, Poultry Science

Amrit Pal earned his bachelor’s degree in the field of dairy technology at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Punjab, India. Through his studies, he learned the technology, engineering, chemistry and microbiology aspects of dairy science. Now, as a graduate research assistant under the direction of Dr. Dianna Bourassa in Auburn’s Department of Poultry Science, his master’s research project focuses on the study of airborne transmission of Salmonella in poultry houses.

Congratulations to our 2021 Summer Graduates!

MS, Agricultural Business and Economics

  • Abigail Evalyn Hoelscher

BS, Agricultural Business and Economics

  • E’Lan W. Riter Bacigalupi
  • Jaren W. Lockridge
  • John L. Morgan
  • Phillip L. Peake
  • Cody Charles Rhodes

BS, Agricultural Communications

  • Henry Tyler Fairleigh
  • Fielder M. Hagan
  • Camden M. Harrington
  • Jason A. Lee
  • Elizabeth C. Peterson

BS, Agricultural Science

  • Samuel Braden Barnes
  • Sarah R Chenoy
  • Jake Charles Hunkiar
  • Lucas James Lindsay
  • Ashlyn Nicole Peters
  • Robert C. Richard

MS, Animal Sciences

  • Madison Lane Cole
  • Hunter Smith
  • Lauren V. Rutledge

BS, Animal Sciences-Equine

  • Laura Stanton

BS, Animal Sciences-Pre-Vet

  • Kathryn G. Batcho
  • Madison Leigh Boone
  • Autumn B. Butts
  • Athena Elizabeth Falden
  • Courtney B. Garner
  • Shanon Richardson Lee
  • Noelle E. Maxwell
  • Olivia Grace Schweikart
  • Virginia L. Snipes

Ph.D., Applied Economics

  • Prasenjit Narayan Ghosh

Ph.D., Biosystems Engineering

  • Ana Gabriela Itokazu Canzian da Silva
  • Carson McKenzie Edge
  • Hemendra Kumar
  • Kritika Malhotra
  • Rafael Bidese Puhl
  • Tawsif Rahman
  • Poulami Roy
  • Takhellambam Bijoychandra Singh

MS, Biosystems Engineering

  • Kamand Bagherian
  • Suman Budhathoki
  • Jessa L. Cherones
  • Caroline Lee Garsed
  • Peyton E. Goodling
  • Kelly Goneke Griggs
  • John Bryan Holt
  • Preetika Lnu
  • Nariman Niknejad
  • Cami Makena Shands
  • Dillon Stephen Sprague
  • Morgan E. Thomas

BS, Biosystems Engineering

  • Maris Audrey Barden
  • Daniel G. Chapman
  • Reuben L. Duncan
  • Ethan J. Jones
  • James Robert Kean
  • Emma K. Pyburn
  • Jacob J. Schwarzman
  • Sarah Elizabeth Tyndall
  • Qichen Wa
  • Rickman Ed Williams

BS, Biosystems Engineering — Bioprocess Option

  • Samuel L. Barnes
  • Hannah D. Bartels
  • Dylan R. Bowe
  • Chase Landon Joiner
  • Charles S. Parten
  • Keely D. Ptomey
  • Madison M. Shelley

Ph.D., Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences

  • Suma Basak
  • Bo Bi
  • Katilyn Johnese Price

MAg, Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences

  • Joshua Stephen Newcomb: MAG, Crop, Soil and Environmental Science

MS, Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences

  • Steven Anthony Crocker
  • Robert A. Fett
  • Avery Neal Lamb
  • Tristan L. Orndorff
  • Elliott Grier Peavy

BS, Crop and Soil Sciences — Turfgrass

  • Edward B. Carroll
  • Luke T. Cheatham

BS, Environmental Science

  • Garrett S. Short

Ph.D., Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences

  • De Xing
  • Robert Paul Davis

MS, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences

  • Taylor Thomas Beaman
  • Angelea P. Belfiore
  • Mary Collier Eastburn
  • Ashley Fredricks
  • James Francis Kelly
  • John Collins Lewis
  • Amanda Jo Strozier
  • Nathan Grant Thompson

BS, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences — Marine Resources Management

  • Chase Cole Chaplin

MS, Food Science

  • Marc Roldy Presume
  • Shijie Qin
  • Zoila Del Rosario Chevez Tepas

BS, Food Science

  • Caroline C. Cort
  • Jordan M. Johnson

Ph.D., Horticulture

  • Emmanuel Ayipio

BS, Horticulture

  • Nicholas Boothe
  • Eli H. Dunn

MS, Entomology

  • Daniel Effiong Akwa
  • Michael Alexander Mayfield
  • Luis Miguel Mendez

Ph.D., Plant Pathology

  • Eber Naranjo Feliciano
  • Prabha Dhananjani Liyanapathiranage
  • Seungyeon Seo

MS, Plant Pathology

  • Kara Leigh Gordon: MS, Plant Sciences-Plant Pathology

MS, Poultry Science

  • Kaicie S. Chasteen
  • Amrit Pal
  • Gerardo Antonio Abascal Ponciano
  • Aidan Anthony Talorico

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