A sweet gift: Tiger Giving Day to support AU Bee Lab

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By Joshua Woods / Feb 5, 2019 4:01:22 PM

The Auburn University Bee Lab has been tapped to receive 100 percent of the funds donated to the College of Agriculture on the university’s Tiger Giving Day, set for Feb. 21. The Bee Lab, which opened in 2016, researches potential causes of declining honey bee populations while training students and others in bee-keeping biology and management.

Gifts to the Bee Lab on Tiger Giving Day will help supply a variety of tools and training equipment, including:

  • Uncapping equipment used to remove honey from comb cells.
  • Extractors used to spin honey from the comb.
  • Settling tanks and bottling equipment used to move honey from the extractors and into bottles.

The new equipment will enable the Bee Lab to expand its research while including more Auburn students in its vital work.

The Bee Lab’s goal for Tiger Giving Day is $5,000. To support the program, visit TigerGiving.org and make a gift on Feb. 21.


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