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This is the work that makes the world work.

As agricultural scientists, our focus is on the food, fuel, water and natural resources that keep our world moving. We are working to make food safer, the environment cleaner and communities healthier. We are working to stamp out poverty while making farms more efficient and sustainable. As one of the founding colleges of Auburn University, we tackle these goals through innovative research, academic rigor and outreach programs spanning around the world.

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Professor looks at cheaper, more efficient solution to COVID-19

While the rapid development and distribution of vaccines for preventing COVID-19 is a phenomenal advancement in the continuing battle against the virus, there are drawbacks, says an Auburn University professor. “Vaccine production is costly and time-consuming,” said...

Alumni chart new course for mushroom cultivation in the South

If you’ve eaten a gourmet mushroom in Alabama, there’s a good chance it was cultivated at Fungi Farm in Dadeville. Founded by Allen Carroll, who studied agronomy in the College of Agriculture at Auburn University, Fungi Farm in Dadeville has quickly become a pioneer...

Kylie Weis: genetically engineering the future

By Bethanie Hartzog Kylie Weis has no doubt in her mind about why she chose applied biotechnology as her major at Auburn University. She believes other students should take the time to look at the major as well. "Applied biotechnology is using the tools of nature to...

Popular professional development seminar gets makeover for pandemic

On a warm morning, despite COVID-19 limitations, horticulturalist Abra Lee prepared to greet the College of Agriculture’s Student Services team at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. As the featured speaker for the college’s professional development seminar series Our...


Using poultry wastewater to irrigate crops

As freshwater supplies become increasingly limited and the world’s population continues to grow, Auburn University College of Agriculture researchers are working on ways to find and utilize alternative water resources for irrigating crops. “One proven source that can...

Auburn’s PAR grants cover the gamut of state’s agriculture

From exploring the viability of new crops such as hemp and grapes to protecting traditional crops such as peanuts and cotton, the College of Agriculture’s Production Agriculture Research, or PAR grants program, is working to provide immediate solutions...

Department of Poultry Science partners with ADM Animal Nutrition

By Office of Agricultural Communications and Marketing / Aug 19, 2020 8:00:00 AM College of Agriculture, News, Poultry Science Drs. Charles and Jessica Starkey of the Department of Poultry Science in Auburn University’s College of Agriculture are joining forces with...

Auburn entomologist receives grant for anti-mosquito material

By Paul Hollis / Jul 30, 2020 9:01:15 AM John Beckmann, assistant professor in the College of Agriculture’s Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, has been awarded $868,145 by the state of Alabama to develop a lightweight material that blocks mosquito bites...

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