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The following questionnaire is designed to inform you of the responsibilities of horse ownership and of adopting a university animal which may have previously been used for the equestrian team and teaching.  It is also intended to assess whether you and the animal you have selected for adoption are compatible.

It is not in the best interest of either you or the animal to adopt a university animal if it leads to added stress rather than happiness.  Animal ownership is a long-term commitment.  An animal will be totally dependent on you for its daily care for its entire life.  In addition, the animal you are adopting may have been raised in a setting that may not have allowed for normal social behaviors to develop.  Do not adopt a university animal if you are not prepared for this extra commitment.

Auburn University will make a reasonable attempt to make sure the animal is up-to-date on vaccines (if relevant), free of internal and external parasites and be healthy when it leaves Auburn.  Once it leaves Auburn, the animal will need to have a regular veterinarian in private practice to oversee its health care.  You are strongly encouraged to make arrangements to have the animal examined by its new veterinarian as soon as possible after adoption.

The animals will be dispersed through a sealed bid process.  The individual with the highest bid must be approved though the university as an acceptable adoption candidate.  If this questionnaire is not completed, it may result in removal of your bid.


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