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Alan Wilson

AUBURN, Ala. —Alan Wilson, an associate professor in the School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences and researcher with the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, has been selected to spend a year working with the National Science Foundation as a program director with the Population and Community Ecology Program in the Division of Environmental Biology.

Wilson is the first faculty member from the College of Agriculture and the seventh from Auburn University to serve as an NSF program director. During his appointment, he will help determine NSF funding decisions, mentor other researchers and influence the direction of scientific research in the United States. Program directors work at the foundation’s headquarters in Arlington, Va., and are typically appointed to one- or two-year terms.

“It is certainly an honor to have this prestigious work opportunity because so few get to serve NSF in this capacity,” Wilson said of his future post. “I’ll have the chance to learn about all that is happening on the cutting edge of science during my time at NSF, and I look forward to bringing that knowledge back to my students and colleagues at Auburn a year from now.”

Wilson will return to his faculty post within the College of Agriculture at the completion of his NSF term. During his time at Auburn, Wilson’s research has focused primarily on freshwater algal and cyanobacterial blooms. He has been a member of Auburn’s faculty since 2007. He will begin work with NSF this summer.

For more information, contact Wilson at aew0009@auburn.edu or 334-246-1120.


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