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The Department of Horticulture’s Paterson Greenhouse facility is located on the Auburn University main campus at 450 Duncan Drive within 10 minutes walking distance of the department in Funchess Hall. The facility serves the research and instructional needs of undergraduate and graduate students, technical support, and faculty for work in greenhouse production, nursery production, and fruits and vegetables research.


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Paterson Greenhouse
450 N. Duncan Dr
Auburn, AL 36849
Funchess Hall
Auburn, Alabama 36849

The Facility

The 8-acre facility is comprised of 87,120 square feet of outdoor irrigated nursery, 22,500 square feet of greenhouse space, a retractable-roof house, 4 shade houses, a soil mixing/potting building, offices, pesticide storage, a walk-in cooler, as well as a classroom facility. During the academic year, there are typically four to five labs conducted weekly in support of classroom instruction, and the grounds are maintained in woody and herbaceous plant collections for instruction in ornamental plant identification.

The facility was originally established in 1947, but a major renovation was completed in 2002. The facility is supported by a greenhouse manager and his staff.