Graduate Research Poster

Graduate Student Research Poster Showcase 2021, Auburn University, College of Agriculture

October 28 – 2021 COA Graduate Poster Showcase

 5:00-7:00PM AU Alumni Center

Welcome! We are excited to host the 2021 College of Agriculture Graduate Poster Showcase event in person at the Alumni Center. Please join us by presenting your research poster, signing up as a judge, and stopping by the Alumni Center.


  1. Register/sign up your poster. (button above)
  2. Submit digital materials (abstract & poster, both in PDF format) – you will receive an email from Kelly Pippin regarding where to submit.
  3. Print your poster – Recommended poster size is 30” x 40” vertical layout (easels, foam boards, tacks and/or clips will be available)
  4. Arrive at the Alumni Center Hall, sign-in, set up your poster, present to judges. Light finger food will be provided.


  • Poster sign-up by: September 20
  • Digital material (abstract and poster) submission by: October 10
  • A list of posters available online by October 22 (admin)
  • Event website fully launched by October 22 (admin)
  • Event kicks off on October 28

Hints, Tips, & Special Instructions

  • Students are encouraged to arrive the hall and sign‐in between 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm to allow time to set up and eat first before poster judging.
  • Judging of the posters will commence no later than 5:00 pm.
  • Poster competitions will be organized by research focus areas. There will be two competitions (PhD and M.S. competitions) for each of the three research focus areas listed below:
    • Plant Production and Management Systems
    • Food Animal/Integrated Food and Health Systems
    • Sustainable Ecosystems and Renewable Resource Management
  • Your poster will be evaluated by three judges. The judges will come to your poster (at different times between 5 ‐ 7 pm) to review and ask questions. You will need to stand by your poster during this period. Each judge will spend up to 10 minutes per poster. They will introduce themselves to you.
  • Students are encouraged to review best practices for poster presentation and prepare for a general audience.

Posters will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Aesthetics/Organization (i.e., visual appeal, organization, balance of images/figures/text, etc.)
  • Content/Merit (i.e., scientific merit, general audience appeal, clear objective and outcomes, etc.) o Presentation Skills (i.e., confidence, proper dressing, enthusiasm, communication skills, etc.)
  • Scientific Response (i.e., clear description of scientific concept, clear explanation of the what, how and why, interpretation of results, etc.)
  • Question & Answer (i.e., ability to clearly answer questions raised by the judges).

*Note – If you will be presenting the results of an industry‐funded research, we encourage you to review with your major professor/principal investigator the terms of the industry contract regarding publication and intellectual property.

Capacity & Timing

  • Up to 80 posters total
  • 10 min/poster (4-5 min for presentation, 2-3 min for Q&A, 2-3 min for evaluation)
  • 20-24 judges (8-12 posters per judge)

List of 2021 Grad Student Research Posters

Research Focus Area B: Efficient Food Animal Systems

  • Poster A-P-01
  • Poster A-M-01 – Evaluating synthetic plant volatiles to augment lady beetle population for the conservation biocontrol of Acanthococcus lagerstroemia (Hemiptera: Eriococcidae) – Oluwatomi Ibiyemi, Entomology and Plant Pathology
  • Poster A-M-02 – Posttranslational modification by a reduced glutathione determines distinctive quaternary structures between two plastid 2-cysteine peroxiredoxin A and B – Pratima Subedi, Entomology and Plant Pathology
  • Poster A-M-03 – Soybean phenotypic variation under high night temperature stress – Tianchu Shu, Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences
  • Poster A-M-04 – Physiological Responses of Peanut Varieties to Drought Stress – Qiong Zhang, Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences
  • Poster A-M-05 – The Response of Inoculation with PGPR plus Orange Peel Amendment on Soybean Plant is Cultivar Dependent – Maria Leticia Pacheco da Silva, Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences
  • Poster A-M-06 – Studying water use efficiency across varying potassium levels in soybean grown in ambient and elevated CO2 – Mary Durstock, Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences
  • Poster A-M-07 – Effects of poultry litter fertilization on soybean yield and seed nutrient concentration – Rajveer Singh, Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences
  • Poster A-M-08 – Evaluation of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on Russell bermudagrass and KY 31 tall fescue yield and nutritive quality – Madison Cole, Animal Sciences

Research Focus Area B: Efficient Food Animal Systems

Research Focus Area C: Integrated Food & Health Systems

  • Poster B-P-01 – Efficacy of genetically engineered canola oil in the feed of Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei – – Harsha Galkanda-Arachchige, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences
  • Poster B-P-02 – Complete blood count analysis on growing cattle exposed to fescue toxicity and rumen protected niacin supplementation – Gaston Alfaro, Animal Sciences
  • Poster B-P-03 – In-Pond Raceway System (IPRS) Production Trials – Leticia Fantini, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences
  • Poster B-P-04 – The Effects of Norway’s Export Promotion of Whitefish on Market Demand: A Co-integration Analysis – Abhipsita Das, Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
  • Poster B-P-05 – Performance of Aquaculture Effluent for vegetable crop production in outdoor raised beds in Alabama – Allen Pattillo, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences
  • Poster B-M-01 – Effect of Crina® Digest on growth performance and blood carotenoid concentrations of 42-day-old broilers – Jorge Sandoval (future master – Spring 2021), Poultry Science
  • Poster B-M-02 – Comparison of the accuracy of different particle size field evaluation methods – Gerardo Abascal-Ponciano, Poultry Science
  • Poster B-M-03 – Analysis of color variations of raw pet treats made from co-products of broiler processing – Moses Chilenje, Poultry Science
  • Poster B-M-04 – Comparison of corn particle size utilizing different sieving methods – Allan Calderon, Poultry Science
  • Poster B-M-05 – Effect of Freezing Condition and Wooden Breast Severity on Cooked Chicken Quality – Caroline Gregg, Poultry Science
  • Poster B-M-06 – Improper handling, preparation, and calibration of samples for NIRS analysis increases variability and decreases accuracy of nutrient concentration results – Samuel Leiva, Poultry Science
  • Poster B-M-07 – Evaluation of the textural characteristics of pet treats generated from mixtures of broiler processing co-products – Marc Presume, Poultry Science
  • Poster B-M-08 – Influence of exogenous enzymes on broiler performance from 1 to 46 days of age – Joseph P. Gulizia, Poultry Science
  • Poster B-M-09 – Examination of dust as a potential carrier of airborne pathogens in poultry houses – Amrit Pal, Poultry Science
  • Poster B-M-10 – Evaluating Roller Swabs and Drag Swabs for Salmonella spp. Detection – Hannah Haiderer, Poultry Science
  • Poster B-M-11 – Comparison of three enumeration methods for E.coli in agricultural water from Alabama Farms – Zoila Chevez, Poultry Science
  • Poster B-M-12 – Use of white mustard essential oil based solutions in natural produce washes against E. coli – Shijie Qin, Poultry Science

Research Focus Area D: Sustainable Ecosystems & Renewable Resource Management

  • Poster D-P-01
  • Poster D-M-01

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