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Located at the AU Alumni Center

Annual COA Graduate Poster Showcase located at the Auburn Alumni Association

Welcome to the 2024 College of Agriculture Graduate Research Poster Showcase! We are excited to host this event in person at the Auburn Alumni Association. Please join us by presenting your poster, signing up as a judge, or stopping by and checking out these awesome research posters!


  1. Register HERE.
  2. Submit digital materials (abstract & poster, both in pdf format) to the AU Box Folder – you will receive an email from Kelly Pippin letting you know where to submit them.
  3. Print your poster – Recommended poster size is 40” x 30” vertical or horizontal layout (easels, foam boards, tacks, and/or clips will be provided on-site) ** The Ralph Brown Draughon Library (RBD) provides a printing service
  4. Arrive at the Alumni Association lobby, sign in, set up your poster, and present it to the judges. Light finger food will be provided at 4:30 pm.


  • Register by: September 22, 11:59 pm CST
  • Digital material (abstract and poster) submission by: October 20, 11:59 pm CST

** All changes (e.g., poster title, misspelling, poster content changes, etc.)  are due October 20; you will be provided with a Box folder link to submit the digital material. If you’ve never used a Box folder before, please visit the Box User’s Guide and set it up.

  • All posters will be posted online the week after the program

Capacity & Timing

  • Up to 82 posters total
  • 12 min/poster presentation – 4-5 min for presentation, 4-5 min for Q&A, 2-4 min for evaluation
  • 36 – 38 judges needed

Logistics on October 24

Judging Session 1 (PhD Posters): 1:00 – 2:30 pm

** Judging kicks off at 1:00 pm. Poster Presenters, please arrive at the Alumni Center Lobby no sooner than 12:30 pm to check in and set up your poster

** Judges, please arrive around 12:50 pm.  

2:30 – 3:00 pm: Break

Judging Session 2 (MS + Undergrad Posters): 3:00 – 4:30 pm

** Judging kicks off at 3:00 pm. Poster Presenters, please arrive at the Alumni Center Lobby no sooner than 2:30 pm to check in and set up your poster

** Judges, please arrive around 2:50 pm.  

4:30 – 6:00 pm: posters up for public review, food, announce winners, and networking

            ** All poster presenters are invited to return to the site at 4:30 pm.

            ** Finger food will be ready at 4:30 pm

6:00 pm: take down posters, return poster supplies, and clean up

Special Instructions/Tips

  • Students must arrive no sooner than 30 minutes before the judging session begins – refer to the ‘LOGISTICS ON OCTOBER 24’ above and the spreadsheet Kelly Pippin sent you.
  • Each poster will be evaluated by three judges; the student may end up presenting to 1 judge, 2 judges, or all 3 judges at a time depending on how many judges arrive at your poster.

** For example, if all three judges decide to start with poster A-P-01, the A-P-01 presenter will only need to present their poster one time to all judges.  As a result, the presenter could finish very quickly. On the other hand, if judges arrive one by one, you will present your posters three times to each of them and finish a little slower.

  • If your poster is placed under ‘Judging Session 1’, you must leave the site after all three judges finish with your poster, and then return around 4:30 pm for the public review and other activities. If your poster is placed under ‘Judging Session 2’, you don’t have to leave the site. Refer to the ‘LOGISTICS ON OCTOBER 24’ above.
  • Poster competitions will be organized by research focus areas. There will be two main competition levels (Ph.D. and M.S. competitions) for each of the research areas:
    • A: Food Animal Systems & Integrated Food & Human Health Systems

** Research topics of interest include efficient and sustainable animal production systems, animal health, efficient and safe use of animal manure, animal production technologies, human health, and well-being by investigating the link between food quality, nutrition, safety and health, zoonotic diseases, toxins, and the impact of pests/pesticides on the ecosystem.

  • B: Plant Production & Management Systems

** Research topics of interest include plant production and protection, cropping systems, adaptability and resiliency, agricultural technology and innovations, and the impact of agricultural production systems on the ecosystem.

  • C: Sustainable Ecosystems & Renewable Resource Management

** Research topics of interest include ecosystem services/preservation, landscapes, biodiversity, climate change, water, energy, bio-based products, alternative crops, and renewable resources. 

  • All undergraduate posters (regardless of research focus areas) are competing as one group.
  • Poster numbering system:

P = PhD; M = MS; U = Undergraduate

A, B, and C indicate Research Focus Areas, for example, your poster number will look like this A-P-01, B-M-03, etc.

  • Students are encouraged to review best practices for poster presentations and prepare for a general audience.

** Sources: hold ‘Ctrl’ and hit ‘F’, type in the keyword ‘Poster’ to find more information.

  • Posters will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

-Aesthetics/Organization (i.e., visual appeal, organization, balance of images/figures/text, etc.)

-Content/Merit (i.e., scientific merit, general audience appeal, clear objectives, and outcomes, etc.)

-Presentation Skills (i.e., confidence, proper attire, enthusiasm, communication skills, etc.)

-Scientific Response (i.e., clear description of a scientific concept, clear explanation of what, how, and why, interpretation of results, etc.)

-Question and Answer (i.e., ability to clearly answer questions raised by the judges).

Note: If you are presenting the results of industry‐funded research, we encourage you to review with your major professor/principal investigator the industry contract terms regarding publication and intellectual property.

Please feel free to contact Kelly Pippin ( if you have questions.

Poster Schedule

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