College of Agriculture
Colloquium Series

Goal: The goal of the College of Agriculture Colloquium Series is to advance the college’s research mission and community by fostering a collegial and stimulating environment that promotes networking, shared use of resources, and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Colloquium Series Presentations 2020

February – Sushil Adhikari & Leanne Dillard

April – Alan Wilson & Alvaro Sanz

June – Wilmer Pacheco & Matt Waters

July – Paul Dyce & Michelle Worosz

September – Brendan Higgins & Di Tian

October – Yi Wang & Amit Morey

November – Rishi Prasad & Jasmeet Lamba

To view presentation materials please visit the button below if you are Auburn University faculty, staff, or a student. Otherwise please contact Kelly Pippin.

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