Completed Theses in AERS

Here are completed theses by Year, Author, Title and Advisor of previous Agriculture Economics and Rural Sociology department graduates.

  • 2020 Boutwell, Crystal – Right-to-Farm: Stories of Power and Loss in Rural America, Ashwood, L
  • 2019 Stitt, Amanda – Alabama & Georgia Media Sources and Their Claims About Alternative Food Networks, Worosz, M.R.
  • 2019 Shelley, Mary – Food Safety Scandals and Scares: Media Presentation of Local Beef, Worosz, M.R.
  • 2019 Majokweni, Pilela – Gender and Rural Vitality: Empowerment through Women’s Community Groups, Molnar, J.
  • 2019 Canfield, John – The Corporation and the DNA of Farmland Financialization, Ashwood, L.
  • 2019 Hargrove, Jennie – Sod-Based Rotation Systems: Research or Whom?, Worosz, M.R.
  • 2018 Olive, Lindy – Better than Blue Apron: Creating a Community-Based Meal Kit Program, Worosz, M.R.
  • 2018 Galloway, Karl – Policing Poultry: State and Market Interplay and its Ramifications in the Rural South, Ashwood, L.
  • 2018 Patterson, James– Heir Property in the South: A Case Study of a Resettlement Community, Bailey, C.
  • 2018 Richardson, Dalton – “God Bless the Farmer”: Community Perceptions of Legal Challenges to Hog Farming in North Carolina, Ashwood, L.
  • 2017 Gopaul, Abhimanyu – The Socio-Economic Impact of Concentration of Timberland Ownership in Alabama, Bailey, C.
  • 2017 Walker, Fiona – Right to Farm Laws: A Thematic Analysis, Ashwood, L.
  • 2013 Ameyaw, Lord – Investigating the Objectives of the New Owners of Alabama’s Timberlands, Bailey, C.
  • 2013 Adu-Gyamfi, Akua – The Role of Women in Post-Harvest Handling of Peanuts: The Case of Reducing Aflatoxin along the Supply Chain in Ghana, Worosz, M.R.
  • 2013 Christensen, Stefanie – Surviving the Spill: Stakeholder Perceptions of the Commercial Seafood Supply Chain in Alabama and Mississippi after the Deepwater Horizon Disaster, Worosz, M.R.
  • 2012 Denny, Riva – Between the Farm and the Farmer’s Market: Slaughterhouses, Regulations, and Alternative Food Networks, Worosz, M.R.
  • 2011 Majumdar, Mahua – Relationship Between Absentee Landownership and Quality of Life in Alabama, Bailey, C.
  • 2010 Jones, Emily Stutzman – Understanding the Role of Fish Producer Organizations as Intermediaries for Aquacultural Development in Uganda, Molnar, J.
  • 2010 Singh, Brajesh – Coal and Renewable Energy: History, Impacts, and Future in Alabama, Bailey, C.
  • 2010 Sydnor, Emily Taliaferro – Using and Improving Irrigation: Producer Perceptions and Possibilities, Molnar, J.
  • 2009 Paula, Ana Luisa – The Willingness of Non-Industrial Private Forest Landowners to Supply Wood Biomass for a Prospective Wood-Based Bioenergy Industry: A Case Study from Lee County, Alabama, Bailey, C.
  • 2008 Bai, Dan – Irrigation in the Southeast U.S., Molnar, J.
  • 2008 Cui, Lina – Organic Vegetable Production in Alabama, Molnar, J.
  • 2007 Blejwas, EmilySocial Capital, Cultural Capital, and the Racial Divide: Community Development through Art in Alabama’s Black Belt, Bailey, C.
  • 2007 Dyer, Janice – Heir Property: Legal and Cultural Dimensions of Collective Landownership in Alabama’s Black Belt, Bailey, C.
  • 2007 Rigdon, Leah – Linking Rural Vendors with Urban Public Markets: Institutional Constraints and Possibilities in the Evolution of Urban Food Systems, Molnar, J.
  • 2007 Vitale, Michele – Evaluating Access Barriers to Primary Health Care Services for Hispanic Residents in Toombs County, Georgia, Bailey, C.
  • 2007 Washington, Shakeesha – A Comparative Case Study of Regional Councils of Government in Central and East Alabama, Bailey, C.
  • 2006 Tallant, Meredith – Internet Access, Practice Adoption, and Conservation Program Participation in Three Alabama Watersheds, Molnar, J.
  • 2005 Adams, Joshua – Social Capital, School Desegregation and Education in West Alabama’s Black Blet, Bailey, C.
  • 2005 Baide, Joysee Rodriguez – Barriers to the Adoption of Sustainable Agricultural Practices, Molnar, J.
  • 2005 Carter-North, Patrick – Growth Machine Meets Conservation: A Stakeholder Analysis of the Black Warrior and Cahaba River Watersheds, Bailey, C.
  • 2005 Kennealy, Patrick – Community Capacity and Rural Housing in the Black Belt, Bailey, C.
  • 2005 Meyer, Suyapa Triminio – Tilapia Fingerling Production in Honduras, Molnar, J.
  • 2004 Holeski, Carrie – The Relationship between Landowners Perceptions of the Southern Pine Beetle Problem and Actual Outbreaks, Molnar, J.
  • 2003 Casanova, Vanessa – Hispanic Tree Planters in Alabama: Labor and Identity Among Migrant Workers, Bailey, C.
  • 2003 Kagawa, Masahiro – Trade Linkages in Shrimp Exports: Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand, Bailey, C.
  • 2003 Lupo, Crystal – Labor Market Change and Occupational Community Among Blue Collar Mill Workers in Alabama’s Pulp and Paper Industry, Bailey, C.
  • 2003 Pilkington, J. Scott – Using Community Surveys to Prioritize Landmine Clearing Operation: Case Studies of Process and Outcome, Molnar, J.
  • 2003 Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth – Income, Food Security, and Poverty Reduction: Case Studies in Small-Scale Aquaculture Producers in Santa Barbara, Honduras, Molnar, J.
  • 2002 Alison, Gogue – Coping with Food Insecurity: An Assessment of Food Bank and Food Stamp Utilization in East Alabama, Molnar, J.
  • 2001 Bitto, Annette – Determinants of Well-Being Among Minority Farm Operators in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia, Molnar, J.
  • 1999 Lockhart, Malkia – Farmer Perceptions of Constraints on Aquacultural Development in Central Kenya: Market, Household, and Resource Considerations, Molnar, J.
  • 1998 Berry, Susan – Impacts of an Environmental Education Program in the Flint Creek Watershed, Molnar, J
  • 1998 Dawson, William – Timber Dependency and Persistent Poverty: Examination from the Theoretical Perspectives of Human Capital and Community Power, Howze, G.
  • 1998 Hutchins, Melissa – Women, Forest Dependency and Community in Rural Alabama: A Case Study, Bailey, C.
  • 1997 Hutchins, James – Planning a Communal Extractive Forest Concession: Property Rights and Natural Resource Management in La Carmelita, Petén, Guatemala, Bailey, C.
  • 1997 Stewart, Eric – Impacts of Firearm Sentence Enhancement Laws, Molnar, J
  • 1995 Traxler, Maria J. – Public Perceptions of Risk: Gender, Belief in Science, and Trust in Institutions as Determinants of Pesticide Safety Concern, Molnar, J.
  • 1994 Nyirahabimana, Pelagie – Gender Differences and Technology Adoption: The Effect of Household Pressures on the Practice of Fish Farming in Rwanda, Molnar, J.
  • 1990 Adjavon, Vewonyi – The Impact of Ecological and Institutional Factors on Farmers’ Commitment to Fish Farming in Rwanda, Molnar, J.
  • 1990 Berry, Susan – Impacts of an Environmental Education Program in the Flint Creek Watershed, Molnar, J.
  • 1990 Wu, Li Tchi Sung – Factors Influencing Farm Operator Readiness to Implement Animal Waste Treatment Improvements, Molnar, J.
  • 1988 Patiyasikhan, Santi – Public Attitudes Toward International Food Assistance, Molnar, J.
  • 1983 Aadland, Karla – A Comparative Study of Women in Male-Dominated and Female-Dominated, Nonprofessional Occupations, Dunkelberger, J.
  • 1981 Haynes, Steven – Measuring Self Esteem: An Empirical Assessment of Reliability and Validity in a Longitudinal Context, Dunkelberger, J.
  • 1981 Ewing, Leisle A. – Environmental Concerns of Rural Women: Health and Safety Issues in the Siting of Industrial Facilities, Molnar, J.
  • 1979 Haynes, Jerri – Family-Employment Gender Role Orientations and Status Attainment Among Young Rural-Reader Women, Dunkelberger, J.
  • 1979 Salter, Dannis – Effect of Birth Order on Educational and Occupational Aspirations, Molnar, J.
  • 1978 Gilbert, Elmira – Modernization and Changing Sex Role Orientations: The Case of Puerto Rico, Dunkelberger, J.
  • 1978 Payne, Carol – Social Structure, Socialization and Educational and Occupational Choices of Agriculture Students, Dunkelberger, J.
  • 1978 Richardson, Annetta – Anomia, Role Strain, and the Female Family Head, Molnar, J.

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