AERS Publications

2023 Publications

  • Adjei, Eugene, Wenying Li, Lana Narine, and Yaoqi Zhang. 2023. What drives land use change in the Southern U.S.? A case study of Alabama. Forests 14:171.
  • Adu, Derick T., Wenying Li, and Wendiam P.M. Sawadgo. 2023. Estimating the unintended impact of the North American free trade agreement on U.S. public health. Social Science & Medicine 333:116140.
  • Arnold, Chelsea, Jisang Yu, Mykel Taylor, Leah H. Palm-Forster, and Simanti Banerjee. 2023. The role of risk in farmland contract choices. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 48(2):398-411.
  • Brothers, Dennis, Paul Goeringer, and Jada M. Thompson. 2023. U.S. broiler growers face increasing challenges on the family farm. Choices 38(4):1-.
  • Cuffey, Joel, Lauren Chenarides, Wenying Li, and Shuoli Zhao. 2023. Consumer spending patterns for plant-based meat alternatives. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 45:63-85.
  • Cuffey, Joel, Wenying Li, Yang Yu, Ruiqing Miao. 2023. Retail food environment and household food waste: An empirical study. Food Policy 117:102457.
  • Cuffey, Joel M., Bhagyashree Katare, Laura McMahon Fulford. 2023. Supplemental nutrition assistance program work requirements and emergency food assistance usage. American Journal of Preventative Medicine 65(2):270-7.
  • Cuffey, Joel, Kara Newby, Sarah Smith. 2023. Social inequity in administrative burdens: Evidence from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Public Administration Review.
  • Deb, Prokash, Noel Perceval Assogba, and Wenying Li. 2023. Price volatility modeling for the lumber futures market: A generalized autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity-mixed data sampling approach. Forest Science 69:510-9.
  • Duke, Joshua M., Robert J. Johnston, Amy L. Shober, and Zhongyuan Liu*. 2023. Improving targeting of farmers for enrollment in Agri-Environmental Programs. Applied Economic Perspectives & Policy 45:1072-1096.
  • Duke, Joshua M., and TianHang Gao. 2023. Land value taxation: A spatially explicit economic experiment with endogenous institutions. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 67:673-94.
  • Ghosh, Prasenjit N., Ruiqing Miao, and Emir Malikov. 2023. Crop insurance premium subsidy and irrigation water withdrawals in the western United States. The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance 48:968-92.
  • Gomez-Casanovas, Nuria, Paul Mwebaze, Madhu Khanna, Bruce Branham, Alson Time, Evan H. DeLucia, Carl J. Bernacchi, Alan K. Knapp, Muhammad J. Hoque, Xuzhi Du, Elena Blanc-Betes, Greg A. Barron-Gafford, Bin Peng, Kaiyu Guan, Jordan Macknick, Ruiqing Miao, Nenad Miljkovic. 2023. Knowns, uncertainties, and challenges in agrovoltaics to sustainably intensify energy and food production. Cell Reports Physical Science 4:101518.
  • Han, Xiaoliang, Proloy Deb, Nicholas R. Magliocca, Denis Nadolnyak, Hamed Moftakhari, Ruchie Pathak, Hamid Moradkhani. 2023. Water trading as a tool to combat economic losses in agriculture under climate change. Sustainability Science 18:1415-28.
  • Hartarska, Valentina, Jingfang Zhang, and Denis Nadolnyak. 2023. Scope economies from rural and urban microfinance services. Southern Economic Journal 89:1138-67.
  • Huseynov, Samir, Marco A. Palma, and Michelle Segovia. 2023. Distributional effects of perceptional financial scarcity and abundance on food choices. Journal of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association 2:114-32.
  • Ingram, Seth, Charles C. Martinez, Christopher N. Boyer, Samir Huseynov, Troy N. Rowan, Mykel R. Taylor, and Elmin Alizada. 2023. Predicting seedstock bull prices: Does information matter? Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 55:341-57.
  • Liang, Wanqi, and Wenying Li. 2023. Impact of internet usage on the subjective well-being of urban and rural households: Evidence from Vietnam. Telecommunications Policy 47:102518.
  • Liang, Wanqi, Deyi Zhou, Muhammad Rizwan, and Samir Huseynov. 2023. How price labeling strategy affects consumers’ purchase intention? The role of perceived price difference in price assessment. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 35(11):2878-93.
  • Liyanage, Kumuditha Hikkaduwa Epa, Valentina Hartarska, and Denis Nadolnyak. 2023. Prepaid cards and the unbanked in the U.S.: Financial innovations and financial inclusion. Journal of Financial Economics Policy 16(1):102-19.
  • Lu, C., J. Zhang, B. Yi, I. Calderon, H. Feng, Ruiqing Miao, et al. 2023. Riverine nitrogen footprint of agriculture in the Mississippi-Atchafalaya River Basin: Do we trade water quality for crop production? Environmental Research Letters 18:114043.
  • Majeed, Fahd, Madhu Khanna, Ruiqing Miao, Eleena Blanc-Betes, Tara Hudiburg, and Evan DeLucia. 2023. Carbon mitigation payments can reduce the riskiness of bioenergy crop production. Journal of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association early release.
  • Miao, Ruiqing, Jerrod Penn, and Loka Ashwood.   How to Thrive in Agricultural Economics PhD Programs: SAEA Emerging Scholar Award Winners’ Experience and Advice.  Applied Economics Teaching Resources 5:1-20
  • Miao, Ruiqing, H. Feng, DA Hennessy, G. Arora, CR Loesch. 2023. Grassland easement acquisition: Conversion hazard rate, additionality, spatial spillover, and heuristics. Applied Economic Perspectives & Policy early release.
  • Mishra, Bijesh, O. Joshi, RE Masters, C McKinney, A Adhikari, CB Zou, RE Will. 2023. Economics returns and the perceived obstacles to adopting active management in the forest-grassland transition ecoregion in south-central USA. Journal of Environmental Management 343:118225.
  • Nadolnyak, Denis, and Dimitry Vedenov.   Designing rainfall insurance contracts for pasture, rangeland, and forage. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.
  • Odabasi, Suzan, and Valentina Hartarska. 2023. Climate variability and crime rates in the southeastern US. International Journal of Sustainable Society.
  • Palm-Forster, Leah, Mykel Taylor, Simanti Banerjee, and Lusi Xie. 2023. Factors influencing enrollment of leased cropland in the Conservation Stewardship Program in Kansas. Land Use Policy 135:106956.
  • Pinto, Allan F., Brittney K. Goodrich, William Kelley, Max Runge. 2023. Price determinants of bred heifers: Do reputations matter? Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 71:5-23.
  • Pires, S.F., Ryan W. Thomson, G.A. Petrossian, M.C. Sosnowski. 2023. A social network analysis of large-scale wildlife seizures made at US ports of entry. Deviant Behavior 44(8):1237-50.
  • Rabinowitz, Adam N., Yizao Liu, and Xuan Chen. The Impact of Price Regulations on Farm-Retail Price Transmission: The Case of Private Label Fluid Milk in the Supermarket Retail Outlet, Applied Economic Perspectives & Policy. Forthcoming.
  • Sharma, A., R. Prasad, A. Nguyen, A. Bhatta, A. Gamble, and Worosz. 2023. Potential nitrogen mineralization variability in commercial row crop fields. Journal of the NACAA 16(2).
  • Skevas, T., Mykel Taylor, and A.M. Featherstone. 2023. How different types of government payments and the elimination of direct payments affect farm productivity? Evidence from Kansas crop farms. Applied Economics 55(14):1621-35.
  • Taylor, Mykel R., Wendong Zhang, and Festus Attah. 2023. Foreign interests in U.S. agricultural lands: The missing conversations about leasing. Choices 38(4):1-.
  • Thomson, Ryan, Rebecca Mosier, Michelle Worosz. 2023. COVID Research Across the Social Sciences in 2020: A Bibliometric Approach. Scientometrics 128: 3377-99.
  • Thomson, Ryan, and Conner Bailey. 2023. Identifying Heirs’ Property: Extent and Value Across the South and Appalachia. Journal of Rural Social Sciences38(2):29-.
  • Won, Sunjae, Roderick M. Rejesus, Barry K. Goodwin, Serkan Aglasan. 2023 early release. Understanding the effect of cover crop use on prevented planting losses. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 106:659-83.

2022 Publications


2021 Publications

  • Bailey, Connor, A. Gopaul, Ryan Thomson, and A. Gunnoe. 2021. Taking Goldschmidt to the woods: Timberland ownership and quality of life in Alabama. Rural Sociology 86(1):50-80.
  • Bhagyashree Katare, Shuoli. Zhao, Joel Cuffey, Maria I Marshall, Corinne Valdivia. 2021. Preferences toward COVID-19 diagnostic testing features: Results from a national cross-sectional survey. American Journal of Health Promotion 36(1):185-9.
  • Chakrabarti, Anwesha, Benjamin Campbell, Adam N. Rabinowitz, and Brady Brewer. 2021. Use and Benefits Associated with State Marketing Programs. Q Open 1(2):
  • Cornish, Brian*, Ruiqing Miao, and M. Khanna. 2021. Impact of changes in Title II of the 2018 farm bill on the acreage and environmental benefits of Conservation Reserve Program. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 2021:1-23.
  • Cuffey, Joel, Christopher Lepczyk, Shuoli Zhao, and Nicholas Fountain-Jones. 2021. Cross-sectional association of toxoplasma gondii exposure with BMI and diet in US adults. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 15(10):e0009825.
  • Duke, Joshua M., TianHang Gao. 2021. Land value taxation: A spatially explicit economic experiment with endogenous institutions. The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 2021:1-22.
  • Duke, Joshua M., John C. Bernard, and Gregory Vitz. 2021. Food labels for farmland preservation: Evidence from a field experiment. Food Policy 99:102011.
  • Brizmohun, Roshini, Diana Alessandrini, Valentina Hartarska. 2021. Gender wage gap in small islands: Effect of a policy framework in Mauritius. Review of Development Economics. 25(4):2207-2229.
  • Ghosh*, Prasenjit, Miao, Ruiqing, and Emir Malikov. 2021. Crop insurance premium subsidy and irrigation water withdrawals in the western United States. The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance – Issues and Practice 1-25.
  • He, M., Zhang, Y., Li, Wenying, and Schmit, M. 2021. Logging Industry in the United States: Employment, Firms, Technology, and Profitability. Forests 12: 1720.
  • Huseynov, Samir, Marco A. Palma, and Ghufran Ahmad. 2021. Does the magnitude of relative calorie distance affect food consumption? Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 188(8):530-51.
  • Huseynov, Samir, and Marco A. Palma. 2021. Food decision-making under time pressure. Food Quality and Preference 88:104072.
  • Kinnucan, H.W., Das*, and I. K. Pettersen. 2021. A Welfare Analysis of Norway’s Export Promotion Program for Whitefish. European Review of Agricultural Economics. 1-25.
  • Kinnucan, H.W., L.T.Y. Nguyen, and Das*. 2021. Benefits of R&D International Spillovers: The Case of Aquaculture. Aquaculture. 532:736308.
  • Lamm, AJ, A Rabinowitz, KW Lamm, K Faulk. 2021. Measuring the aggregated public value of Extension. The Journal of Extension 58(6).
  • Li, Wenying, and Jeffrey H. Dorfman. 2021. Intrahousehold economics of scale with application to food assistance and work incentive programs. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 103(4):1251-67
  • Liu, Yizao, and Adam N. Rabinowitz. 2021. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on retail dairy prices. Agribusiness An International Journal 37(1):108-121.
  • Majokweni*, Zipo-Zihle Pilela, and Joseph J. Molnar. 2021. Gender and rural vitality: Empowerment through women’s community groups. Rural Sociology 86(4):886-910.
  • Muntifering, Matthew*. 2021. Air pollution, investor sentiment and excessive returns. Journal of Asset Management. 22:110-19.
  • N’Guessan, Marie Noelle, Valentina Hartarska. 2021. Funding for BOP in emerging markets: Organizational forms and capital structures of microfinance Institutions. Research in International Business and Finance. 58:101511.
  • Odabasi S, Valentina Hartarska. 2021. Farmer suicides: Effects of socio-economic, climate, and mental health factors. The Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics. 24(2):61-71.
  • Otubo*, Oluchi, and Molnar, Joseph, and. 2021. Extension support for cassava (Manihot esculenta) production and processing in Nigeria: Impacts on farm practice adoption. Journal of Agricultural Extension & Rural Development 13(4): 243-51.
  • Pless, Rachel, Susana Ferreira, John Bergstrom, and Adam Rabinowitz. 2021. Spatial and temporal trends in the economic value of biotic pollination services in Georgia, USA: 2009-2017. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 53(3):322-40.
  • Rabinowitz, Adam N., and William Glen Secor. 2021. An economic analysis of nontraditional lending in Chapter 12 bankruptcy cases. Agricultural Finance Review 82(2):329-343.
  • Regmi, Madhav, Allen M. Featherstone, Cortney A. Cowley, and Mykel R. Taylor. 2021. Big banks versus agricultural banks: Has too-big-to -fail regulation affected efficiency and scale economies measures? American Journal of Agricultural Economics 103(3):1164-1178.
  • Sawadgo, Wendiam, and A. Plastina. 2021. Do cost-share programs increase cover crop use? Empirical evidence from Iowa. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 36:527-35.
  • Sawadgo, Wendiam, W Zhang, and A. Plastina. 2021. What drives landowners’ conservation decisions? Evidence from Iowa. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 76(3):211-221.
  • Si, Chengyu, Denis Nadolnyak, Valentina Hartarska. The gender wage gap in developing countries. Applied Economics and Finance 8(1):1-12.
  • Stearns, Stacey F., and Adam N. Rabinowitz. 2021. Understanding milk consumption habits among college students in order to redesign outreach. Journal of Extension 59(2):9
  • Taylor, M.R., N.P. Hendricks, G.S. Sampson, and D. Garr. 2021. The Opportunity Cost of the Conservation Reserve Program: A Kansas Land Example. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 43(2):849-865
  • Wang, M., Denis Nadolnyak, and Valentina Hartarska. 2021. Malnutrition of boys and girls in Ethiopia. Research in Applied Economics 13(3):67-.
  • Yu, Chengzheng, Ruiqing Miao, and M. Khanna. 2021. Maladaptation of corn and soybeans to a changing climate. Nature: Scientific Reports 11(1):1-12.
  • Zhang, Jingfang*, Valentina Hartarska, and Emir Malikov. 2021. Product and geographic market diversification in US banking. Finance Research Letters. 42:101881.

*Indicates current or former departmental graduate students or post docs.

2020 Publications

  • Miao, Ruiqing, Yijia Li, and Madhu Khanna. 2020. Neonicotinoids and decline in bird biodiversity in the United States. Nature Sustainability 3:1027-1035.
  • Yizao, Liu, Xuan Chen, Adam Rabinowitz, and Benjamin Campbell. 2020. Demand, challenges, and marketing strategies in the retail promotion of local brand milk. Agricultural Economics 51(5): 655-668.
  • Worosz, Michelle, B. Farrell, and CA Jenda. 2020. Teaching critical thinking via the “Wicked problem” of food insecurity. portal: Libraries and the Academy 20(4):621-653.
  • Miao, Ruiqing and Madhu Khanna. 2020. Harnessing advances in agricultural technologies to optimize resource utilization in the food-energy-water nexus. Annual Review of Resource Economics12:65-85.
  • Li, Wenying, C. Zhen, and J.H. Dorfman. 2020. Modelling with flexibility through the business cycle: using a panel smooth transition model to test for the lipstick effect. Applied Economics 52(3):472-84.
  • Taylor, Mykel R., N.P. Hendricks, G.S. Sampson, and D. Garr. 2020. The opportunity cost of the conservation reserve program: A Kansas land example. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy.
  • Duke, Joshua M., Hongxing Liu, Tyler Monteith, Joshua McGrath, and Nicole Fiorellino. 2020. A method for predicting participation in a performance-based water quality trading program. Ecological Economics 177:1-10.
  • Miao, Ruiqing2020. Climate, Insurance, and Innovation: The case of drought and innovations in drought-tolerant traits in U.S. Agriculture. European Review of Agricultural Economics 47(5)1826-60.
  • Huseynov, S., Palma, M. A., and Rodolfo M. Nayga Jr. 2020. General public preferences for allocating scarce medical resources during COVID-19. Frontiers in Public Health 8:587423
  • Muntifering, Matthew, and John N. Ng’ombe. 2020. Sample selection bias in hedonic pricing models of thoroughbred broodmares. Journal of Agribusiness 38(2):147-61.
  • Sampson, G.S., E.D. Perry, and Mykel R. Taylor. 2020. The on-farm and near-farm effects of wind turbines on agricultural land values. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.
  • Muntifering, Matthew. 2021. Air pollution, investor sentiment and excessive returns. Journal of Asset Management. 22:110-19.
  • Taylor, Mykel R., L. Sudbeck, C. Wilson, and J. Yu. 2020. Quality effects on Kansas land price trends. Journal of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers.
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  • Li, Yijia, Ruiqing Miao, and Madhu Khanna. Neonicotinoids and decline in bird biodiversity in the United States. Nature Sustainability 3(12):1027-1035.
  • Schilling, Brian, Sullivan, Kevin, J. Dixon Esseks, Lori Lynch, Joshua Duke, Paul Gottlieb. 2020. Farmland Owners’ Satisfaction with Agricultural Conservation Easements: Is there Seller’s Remorse? Society and Natural Resources 33(6):769-87.
  • Muntifering, Matthew. 2019. Hurricane Michael impact on Bay County, Florida housing prices. Southern Business and Economic Journal. 42(2):43-53.
  • Duke, Joshua M., Zhongyuan Liu, Jordan Suter, Kent Messer, and Holly Michael. 2020. Some taxes are better than others: an economic experiment analyzing groundwater management in a spatially explicit aquifer. Water Resources Research 56(7):1-18.

2019 Publications

  • Anand, Mohit, Ruiqing Miao, and Madhu Khanna. 2019. Adopting bioenergy crops: does farmers’ attitude toward loss matter? Agricultural Economics 50(4):1-16.
  • Schillerberg, Tayler A., Di Tian, and Ruiqing Miao. 2019. Spatiotemporal patterns of maize and winter wheat yields in the United States: predictability and impact from climate oscillations.  Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 275:208-22.
  • Li, Yijia, Ruiqing Miao, and Madhu Khanna. 2019. Effects of ethanol plant proximity and crop prices on land-use change in the United States. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 101(2):467-491.
  • Huseynov, Samir, Kassas, B., Segovia, M.S., and Palma, M. 2019.  Incorporating biometric data in models of consumer choice.  Applied Economics 51(14):1514-31.
  • Wilson, Norbert L.W., Ruiqing Miao, and Carter S. Weis. 2019. When in doubt throw it out! The complicated decision to consume or waste food by date labels. Choices 34(1):1-7.
  • Miao, Ruiqing, Prasenjit N. Ghosh, Madhu Khanna, Weiwei Wang, and Jian Rong. 2019. Effect of wind turbines on bird abundance: a national scale analysis based on fixed effects models. Energy Policy 132:357-66.
  • Bernard, John C., Joshua M. Duke, and Sara E. Albrecht. 2019. Do labels that convey minimal, redundant, or no information affect consumer perceptions and willingness to pay? Food Quality and Preference 71:149-157.
  • Li, Wenying and J.H Dorfman. 2019. The implications of heterogeneous habit in consumer beverage purchases on soda and sin taxes. Food Policy 84:111-20.
  • Naigaga, S., C. E Boyd, Joseph Molnar, and P. Gaillard. 2019. Potential influence of climate on Ugandan aquaculture. Journal of Advances in Agriculture 10:1787-1800.
  • Li, Wenying, Y Li, and J.H. Dorfman. 2019. Dynamically changing cattle market linkages with supply-side-controlled transitions. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 51 (3):472-84.
  • Palm-Forster, Leah H., and Joshua M. Duke. 2019. An endogenous equilibrium game on traffic congestion externalities. The J of Economic Education 50(1):57-69.
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  • Khachatryan, K., V. Baghdasaryan, and Valentina Hartarska. 2019. Is the model ‘loans-plus-savings’ better for microfinance institutions? A PSM comparison. Review of Development Economics 23:1309-30.
  • Nadolnyak Denis, Valentina Hartarska, and B. Griffin. 2019. The impact of weather, economic, and demographic factors on beginning farmers’ exit. Sustainability 11(16):4280 19.

2018 Publications

  • Shen Xuan, and Valentina Hartarska. 2018. Winners and losers from financial derivatives use by community banks. Applied Economics 50(41):4402-17.
  • Tian, Hanqin, Chaoqun Lu, Shufen Pan, Jia Yang, Ruiqing Miao, Wen Ren, Qiang Yu, Bojie Fu, Fei-Fei Jin, Yonglong Lu, Jerry Melillo, Zhiyun Ouyang, Cheryl Palm, and John Reilly. 2018. Optimizing resource use efficiencies in the food-energy-water nexus for sustainable agriculture: from conceptual model to decision support system. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 33:104-13.
  • Perz, Stephen, Heather Covington, Johanna Espin, Lauren Griffin, Flavia Leite, Anne Mook, Christine Overdevest, Tameka Samuel-Jones, and Ryan Thomson. 2018. Future directions in environmental and resource sociology: reflections on the specialty and suggestions for going forward. Environmental Sociology.
  • Chen, R, Valentina Hartarska, and N. Wilson. 2018. The causal impact of HACCP on seafood imports in the U.S.: an application of difference-in-differences within the gravity model. Food Policy 79:166-78.
  • Ng, D., Aragon, L., and Huseynov, Samir. 2018. Seek and you shall find: the role of exploitive and explorative search in a biotechnology firm’s patent claims. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review 22:1030-2019-1646  321-337.
  • Kokoye, S., C. Jolly, Joseph Molnar, D. Shannon, G. Huluka. 2018. Farmer willingness to pay for soil testing services in Northern Haiti. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 50(3):429-51.
  • Molnar, Joseph, and L. Cui. 2018. Why don’t we do it in the field? Vidalia onion producer perspectives on harvest, sort, and storage technologies. Journal of Agriculture and Life Science 5(1):1-14.
  • Malikov, E. and Valentina. Hartarska. 2018. Endogenous scope economies in microfinance. Journal of Banking and Finance 93:162-82.
  • Wilson, Norbert L.W., Ruiqing Miao, and Carter S. Weis. 2018.  Seeing is not believing: perceptions of date labels over food and attributes. Journal of Food Products Marketing 24(5):611-31.
  • Duke, Joshua M., and TianHang Gao. 2018. An experimental economics investigation of the land value tax: Efficiency, acceptability, and positional goods. Land Economics 94(4):475-95.
  • Huseynov, Samir and Palma, M.A. 2018. Does California’s low carbon fuel standards reduce carbon dioxide emissions? PloS One 13(9).
  • Quaye F., Nadolnyak Denis, and Valentina Hartarska. 2018. Climate change impacts on farmland values in the southeast. Sustainability 10(10):3426.
  • Sun H., Valentina Hartarska, L. Zhang, and Denis Nadolnyak. 2018. The Influence of social capital on farm household’s borrowing behavior in Rural China. Sustainability 10(12)43-61.
  • Finkelstein EA., Wenying LI, G. Melo, K. Strombotne, and C Zhen. 2018. Identifying the effect of shelf nutrition labels on consumer purchases: results of a natural experiment and consumer survey. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 107(4)647-51.

2017 Publications

  • Fooks, Jacob R., Kent D. Messer, Joshua M. Duke, Janet B. Johnson, Tongzhe Li, and George R. Parsons. 2017. Tourist viewshed externalities and wind energy production. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 46(2):224-41.
  • Nadolnyak, Denis, Valentina Hartarska, and X. Shen 2017. Farm credit system credit and farm income and output.  Agricultural Finance Review 77(1):95-110.
  • Miao, Ruiqing and Madhu Khanna. 2017.  effectiveness of the biomass crop assistance program: roles of behavioral factors, credit constraint, and program design. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 39(4):584-608.
  • Telligman, A., Michelle R. Worosz, and C. Bratcher. 2017. A qualitative study of Southern U.S. consumers’ top of the mind beliefs about the safety of local beef. Appetite 18:1-10.
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  • Fooks, Jacob R., Kent D. Messer, Joshua M. Duke, Janet B. Johnson, and George R. Parsons. 2017. Continuous attribute values in a simulation environment: offshore energy production and Mid-Atlantic beach visitation. Energy Policy 110:288-302.
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  • Stutzman-Jones, E., Joseph Molnar, R. Graham, G. Atukunda, and J. Walakira. 2017. Understanding the role of fish farmer associations as intermediaries for aquacultural development in Uganda. Fisheries and Aquaculture Journal 8(3) 1-12.
  • Gradl, J. and Michelle R. Worosz. 2017. Assessing the scientific basis of the agricultural water provision of the FSMA Produce Safety Rule. Food & Drug Law Journal 72(3):451-71.
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  • Kokoye, S., C. Jolly, Joseph Molnar, D. Shannon, B. Bayard, P. Mathieu, and G. Huluka. 2017. Economics of soil conservation practices in Northern Haiti. Tropical Agriculture 94:42-51.

2016 Publications

  • Kang, Ezer, Darcie Delzell, Paul E. McNamara, Joel Cuffey, Anil Cherian, and Saira Mathew. 2016. Poverty indicators and mental health functioning among adults living with HIV in Delhi, India. AIDS Care 28(4): 416-22.
  • Miao, Ruiqing, Madhu Khanna, and Haixiao Huang. 2016. Responsiveness of crop yield and acreage to price and climate. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 98(1):191-211.
  • Fooks, Jacob, Nate Higgins, Kent D. Messer, Joshua M. Duke, Daniel Hellerstein, and Lori Lynch. 2016. Conserving spatially explicit benefits in ecosystem service markets: Lab and artefactual field tests of network bonuses and spatial targeting. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 98(2):468-88.
  • Zhongxing L I., J. Molnar, and Shunqiang Sun. 2016. An analysis of policy optimization concerning sustainable agricultural development in China based on the 2014 US Farm Bill. Asian Agricultural Research 8(3):8-11.
  • Duke, Joshua M., Brian J. Schilling, Kevin P. Sullivan, J. Dixon Esseks, Paul D. Gottlieb, and Lori Lynch. 2016. Illiquid Capital: are conservation easement payments reinvested in farms? Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 38(3):449-73.
  • Duke, Joshua M., Jules Bruck, Susan Barton, Megan Murray, Shreeram Inamdar, and Douglas W. Tallamy. 2016. Public preferences for ecosystem services on exurban landscapes: A case study from the mid-Atlantic USA. Heliyon 2(7):1-27.
  • Nadolnyak, Denis., Valentina Hartarska, and X. Shen. 2016. Climate variability & agricultural loan delinquency in the US. International Journal of Economics and Finance 8(9): 238-49.
  • Bachman, Matthew, Shreeram Inamdar, Sue Barton, Joshua M. Duke, Doug Tallamy, Jules Bruck. 2016. A comparative assessment of runoff water quality from turf, forest, meadow, and mixed landuse watersheds. Journal of American Water Resources Association 52(2):397-408.
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