Ag Heritage Park

Ag Heritage Park (AHP), a joint venture of the Auburn University College of Agriculture and the Agricultural Alumni Association, is located on approximately 30 acres at the southwest corner of Samford Avenue and Donahue Drive. The Park pays tribute to Alabama’s farmers and agricultural sector while also serving as a gathering place for students, faculty, alumni and friends throughout the year. AHP has become a destination of choice for many College of Agriculture alumni, friends, faculty and staff for tailgating and a variety of university and community events.

The Purpose of Ag Heritage Park

  • Improve and maintain the green space on this primary corridor to the campus;
  • promote interaction between Auburn University, the State’s agricultural community and the citizens at large
  • Provide facilities and opportunities for bringing statewide youth programs to campus
  • Foster Auburn University and the College of Agriculture as a creative nucleus and intellectual center for research, teaching and outreach information and activities by providing a site and facilities appropriate for and conducive to a wide range of activities
  • Recognize and build on Alabama’s heritage as an agrarian state and highlight agricultural success stories

As described in Inside Ag Hill, The People and Events that Shaped Auburn’s Agricultural History from 1872 through 1999 (Stevenson & Yeager), “Depression-time government programs gave a big boost to building construction, renovation, and other physical plant improvements at Auburn.”

Construction on the Dairy Barns with silos, a livestock barn, and two dairy farm residences (only one of which remains) was completed in 1929. Stevenson states that the two silos adjacent to the Red Barn were not part of the original construction. However, to preserve the look and feel of original architectural and agricultural significance, these icons remained when the Red Barn was rebuilt.

The houses, built in 1939, were originally located where the Athletic Complex now sits and were later moved across the street to the current site to provide residences for the herdsman and the creamery manager.

Only memories and a couple of photos remain as proof, but for a number of years there were tugboats on this site. To help with post-World War II housing limitations, male students occupied 93 tugboat deckhouses – each measuring 17 feet long, 7 feet wide, 7 feet high, with a 7×7 foot pilot house for the upstairs. The structures were sold in 1949.

Additional Historical Information

The ALFA Pavilion

pavilionThe Pavilion is a go-to site for variety of events and activities such as class reunions, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, banquets and commodity meetings. This facility includes banquet-style seating for up to 170, rest rooms, tables and chairs, a catering kitchen, two large-screen televisions, and adjacent parking for up to 60 vehicles.

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Tailgate at the Park

Tailgate PackageEnjoy hassle-free football tailgating at the scenic Ag Heritage Park, just a block from Jordan-Hare Stadium. Ag Heritage Park, located on about 30 acres at the southwest corner of Samford Avenue and Donahue Drive, is one of the most scenic areas of the Auburn University campus. While the park is a popular location for many university events, it is also a tribute to our university’s agricultural roots and to Alabama farmers, past and present, who have built our state’s No. 1 industry.

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