Werner G. Bergen

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  • 1967 – Ph.D.The Ohio State University, Nutritional Biochemistry
  • 1966 – M.S.The Ohio State University, Animal Science
  • 1964 – B.S. The Ohio State University, Dairy Science



  • 1999 to Present – Professor of Biochemistry in Animal Sciences, Auburn University, AL
  • 1995 to 1998 – Professor and Head, Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences, Auburn University, AL
  • 1967 to 1995 – Assistant, Associate and Full Professor, Department of Animal Science, Michigan State University; Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University



  • 2012 – Fellow, American Society for Nutrition
  • 2007 – Fellow, American Society of Animal Sciences
  • 1998 – Distinguished Alumni Award, College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, The Ohio State University
  • 1991 – Animal Growth and Development Award, American Society of Animal Science
  • 1984 – Morman Travel Award, Morman Feeds and American Society of Animal Science
  • 1984 – Wellcome Burroughs Visiting Professorship-Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • 1982 – Sigma Xi, Michigan State University, Research Award
  • 1979 – American Feed Manufacturers Nutrition Award, American Society of Animal Science
  • 1976 – Young Scientist Research Award, Midwestern Section, American Society of Animal Science
  • 1963 – Borden Award, The Ohio State University



Regulation of lipid and protein metabolism in animals emphasizing nutrient-gene interactions and role of signal transduction mechanisms in lipid deposition and protein synthesis and turnover.


  • Genomic regulation of lipogenesis in porcine adipose tissue.
  • Regulation of lipid and protein metabolism in beef cattle and pigs.
  • Development of omic strategies to assess production efficiency of farm animals.
  • Comparative/ differential expression of lipogenic and oxidative genes in pigs and cattle of divergent genetic backgrounds.
  • Nutrient-gene interactions: Effects of specific nutrients on expression of target genes.



BCHE 3200 – Principles of Biochemistry

BCHE 7250 – Biochemistry of Lipids

BCHE 7270 – Biochemical Research Techniques

BCHE 7280 – Topics in Biochemistry

ANSC 3610 – Growth and Development

ANSC 7950 – Graduate Seminar

ANSC 8400 – Energy and Protein Metabolism



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