Sang Wook Park

Associate Professor (Plant Stress Responses)

Entomology & Plant Pathology

(334) 844-1958 


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228 Rouse Life Science Building
Auburn Univ, AL 36849



  • Ph.D., 2004, Plant Biochemistry, Colorado State University


  • Wenshan Liu, Ph.D. program  (
  • Heather N. Gosse, M.S. program (
  • Izailda Barbosa dos Santos, M.S. program (
  • Alexis Jones, Work study (



Our research focuses on understanding at the molecular, biochemical and cellular levels how plants sense and equilibrate constant environmental challenges. We are especially interested in plant hormones such as jasmonates, salicylates and their related molecules that mobilize intricate signaling networks attuning genomic, proteomic and metabolomic circuitries in disease resistance and stress acclimation. Our ongoing studies are to decipher 1) the genome-scale delineation of cellular regulators that relay hormone signaling, 2) hormone-responsive cellular redox homeostasis, 3) the redox-dependent transmission of hormone-signaled gene expression, and 4) the therapeutic properties and mechanisms of plant hormones.


Research positions are available for undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of biochemistry, molecular biology, plant immunology and stress physiology, microbiology (contact:


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