Marnin Wolfe

Assistant Professor (Quantitative Genetics)

Crop, Soil & Environmental Sciences

(334) 844-4100 



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383 CASIC Building
Auburn Univ, AL 36832



  • Ph.D., Ecology and Evolution, University of Pittsburgh (2013)
  • B.Sc, Biology, Eckerd College (2006)


  • Assistant Professor of Quantitative Genetics, Dept. Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences, Auburn University (2022-present)
  • Research Associate, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Cornell University (2016-2022)
  • Post-doctoral Associate, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Cornell University (2013-2016)



The Wolfe Lab engages in fundamental and applied research about the inheritance of genetically complex, and multivariate phenotypes in crop species and their associates. Our goal is to help build soils, deliver ecosystem services, support farmers’ profitability and adaptation to climate change in Alabama and the Southeastern US.

We use genomic prediction, genome-wide association mapping and high-throughput phenotyping to determine breeding values and cultivar performance to make selection decisions, often referred to as genomic selection.

We are establishing a cover crop and forage cultivar breeding program at Auburn to deliver cultivars that excel under mixed cultivation conditions. As part of this effort we study the genetics of interactions between species in cropping systems, including intercrops, rotations and species mixtures, to understand performance and productivity under those conditions.

We are also pursuing international research and development efforts focused on intercropping practices, especially for cassava farmers in Africa and Latin America.

We are passionate about achieving sustainability through diversification and conservation tillage practices in cropping system.



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