Jeremy M. Pickens

Extension Assistant Professor


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Ornamental Horticulture Research Center
PO Box 8276
Mobile, AL 36689-0276



  • Ph.D. Auburn University
  • M.S. Auburn University
  • B.S. Auburn University


  • Alabama Nursery and Landscape Association
  • Southern Nursery Association
  • International Plant Propagators Society
  • National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association
  • Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association
  • Southern Christmas Tree Association
  • American Society for Horticulture Science
  • Entomological Society of America
  • Alabama Association of County Agricultural Agents and Specialist
  • National Association of County Agricultural Agents


  • Irrigation efficiency in container nurseries
  • Root-zone temperature in conainer nursery production
  • Application efficiency of granular preemergent herbicides
  • Greenhouse cooling efficiency
  • Plant nutrition and nutrient use effeciency
  • Pest management in container nurseries
  • Christmas tree production




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Extension programing is the major driver behind many of my research projects. My position provides opportunities to work closely with growers and Extension agents across the state. While my primary responsibilities revolve around ornamental production, I also work variety of specialty crops including Christmas trees and greenhouse vegetables.

Some of my current Extension projects include:

  • Developing an E-book curriculum for small to medium scale greenhouse vegetable production
  • Improving herbicide application effeciency for container nursery production
  • Updating Christmas tree fertilization and lime recommendations for Alabama
  • Building a case for improving irrigation effeciency in container nurseries

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