20150831, Jasmeet Lamba, College of Agriculture, Biosystems Engineering

Jasmeet Lamba

Associate Professor

Biosystems Engineering

(334) 844-3531 



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228 Corley Building
Auburn Univ, AL 36849



  • Ph.D. Biological Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin
  • M.S. Civil Engineering, Auburn University
  • B.S. Agricultural Engineering, Punjab Agricultural University



Dr. Lamba conducts research in the area of water resources management. The goal of his research program is to improve fundamental knowledge of processes controlling the fate and transport of various contaminants (e.g., phosphorus, nitrogen, metals, and sediment) in agricultural and urbanized watersheds using field and laboratory based experiments, and watershed-level modeling.



BSEN 5220/6220 – Geospatial Technologies in Biosystems

BSEN 5520/6520 – Watershed Modeling



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