Extension specialist and research professor Anita Kelly

Anita M. Kelly

Extension Professor

School of Fisheries, Aquaculture & Aquatic Sciences

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1995 Ph.D. in Zoology, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, Illinois. (Minor in Statistics)
1990 M.S. in Zoology, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, Illinois.
1987 B.S. in Biology, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.



March 2019-present Extension Specialist III/Research Professor Auburn University
June 2015-Feb 2019 Aquaculture Extension Unit Leader, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Jan 2014 – Feb 2019 Interim Director, Fish Disease Laboratory-Pine Bluff, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
July 2012- Feb 2019 Associate Director, Aquaculture/Fisheries Center, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
July 2012-Feb 2019 Extension Fish Health Specialist III, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Dec 2012-June 2015 Graduate Student Coordinator for the Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries, University of Arkansas
Nov 2007-June 2012 Extension Fish Health Specialist II, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
July 2003-Oct 2007 Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University
July 2003 Associate Professor, Mississippi State University
Jan 1998-June 2003 Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University
Jan 1996- Jan 1998 Vice President of Operations and Plant Manager for The Great Black Creek Fish Company, Black Creek, WI
Aug 1996 Instructor, Department of Zoology Southern Illinois University
May 1995- Aug 1996 Researcher III for Cooperative Fisheries Research Laboratory, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale



2016 Editor’s Choice Paper, Journal of the World Aquaculture Society (Volume 47, Issue 2) for A Fish of Weedy Waters: Golden Shiner Biology and Culture
2014 University Outreach and Engagement Award, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
2012 Outstanding Camtasia Video Oscar, Digital Media Academy, Fayetteville, AR June 25-29, 2012
2012 Overall MVP Oscar, Digital Media Academy, Fayetteville, AR June 25-29, 2012
2011 Certificate of Appreciation, US Aquaculture Society, for outstanding service and contributions as Vice President and Secretary Treasurer, 2008-2011.
2007 Most Significant Paper in the North American Journal of Aquaculture for 2006.
2000 Most Significant Paper in the North American Journal of Aquaculture for 1999.
1997 Finalist for the best paper submitted to The Progressive Fish Culturist, a publication of the American Fisheries Society
1996 Honorable Mention for Outstanding Dissertation submitted for 1995 to Southern Illinois University
1995 Richard Kudo Dissertation Award (Best Dissertation submitted to Department of Zoology) from Southern Illinois University
1994 George Blackwelder Award (Outstanding Scholar in Zoology) from Southern Illinois University
1993-1994 Southern Illinois University Dissertation Research Award
1993 Best Student Paper Award from the US Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society Meeting, Hilton Head, South Carolina
1993 Invited Researcher to the Edwin W. Pauley Summer Program in Marine Biology at Coconut Island, Hawaii
1992 Skinner Memorial Award from the American Fisheries Society
1992 Invited Researcher to the Edwin W. Pauley Summer Program in Marine Biology at Coconut Island, Hawaii



  • American Fisheries Society
  • Fish Culture Section, Past President
  • Fish Physiology Section
  • Fish Health Section
  • World Aquaculture Society
  • United States Aquaculture Society
  • Catfish Farmers of Arkansas
  • National Aquaculture Association
  • Striped Bass Growers Association
  • Arkansas Bait and Ornamental Fish Growers Association
  • Catfish Farmers of America
  • National Aquaculture Extension Steering Committee



As an Extension Specialist, my research focuses around the disease issues that are currently plaguing the aquaculture industries in west Alabama.  The majority of the catfish and shrimp production occurs in here, therefore transferring technologies and best management practices to reduce or prevent disease is my primary mission.  On-farm research demonstrations are vital for the producers to determine if a technology or management practice will work for them. Although catfish and shrimp are the major aquaculture industries in west Alabama, I have considerable experience in fish health with other species, including baitfish, largemouth bass, hybrid striped bass, black crappie, white crappie, bluegill and redear sunfish just to name a few.  I was the Director for one of seven USDA/APHIS approved laboratories in the United States.



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The primary focus of my extension activities is to provide fish health support to the catfish and shrimp industries in west Alabama.  Stationed at the Alabama Fish Farming Center in Greensboro, I serve as a liaison and collaborating partner with faculty members from Auburn University.


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