LaDarius Lane

HOMETOWN: Woodland, Alabama
Animal Sciences

“The hardest adjustment for me since coming to Auburn has been managing my time. With classes, work, and other campus activities, it has been difficult trying to find a balance where I can participate and have plenty of time to study without tiring myself out. The great thing is that Auburn has several resources to help you learn how to manage your time well.”

What’s the best thing about being a student in the College of Agriculture?

One thing I particularly like the most about the College of Agriculture is the people. Almost everyone you meet, whether it is a faculty member, professor, or student, are going to greet you with a smile. The College of Agriculture represents the Auburn Family well.

Would you rather be really hot or really cold?

Ha ha! Is this a trick question? I would have to say that even though I would prefer to be in a neutral temperature that’s comfortable with a breeze like on the beach, I would have to say really cold. If your really cold you can at least put on layers to warm yourself up and feel somewhat comfortable, but if your really hot then you get skin burns and become really sweaty which is very uncomfortable.

What is your favorite Auburn tradition? What was your most exciting moment here at Auburn?

My favorite Auburn tradition at Auburn is when the Eagle soars around the stadium before each football game and the whole stadium joins together to let out a “War Eagle”. I think that seeing the Eagle fly lets the fans realize that it is game time, and it is time to come together and give the team as much support as possible to conquer and gain that win. The most exciting moment for me personally at Auburn was when I was selected and awarded as a “Who’s Who Among College Students”. It was truly an honor to be awarded with such a great achievement. Another great moment for me and other students as well is when our Auburn Tigers won the National Championship. The atmosphere on campus and in the town was great to experience. Everyone was excited and you could feel the unity of the Auburn family.

What kinds of projects currently interest you and why?

The constructing of the new student recreational facility in the coming years is something that I look forward to. Even though I will most likely be in graduate school by then, I hope to use the facility and all the exciting features that it is going to have. The pictures I have seen indicate a climbing wall, indoor track, a large pool, and other great activities, which is something that is beneficial to us as students; because after a long day of classes, or after taking that big exam, it’s nice to have that fun activity to bring your mind back to balance.

If you’ve taken on a leadership role in a student organization, class or other campus activity, describe what it was and how it enhanced your college experience?

Beginning the summer of 2009, I became a counselor for the Summer Enrichment Experience (S.E.E) program. It is a program designed to acclimate underrepresented students to the college experience before their freshmen year begins in the fall, by having them take classes and live in the dorms for four weeks. This summer was my third year as a counselor which I really enjoy because I am able to help incoming freshmen be prepared and know what to expect for their first semester of college. Counselors also are able to share their own experiences and offer advice to the freshmen. Being a counselor has allowed me to develop more communication skills and network with business companies, faculty members, and professors that I probably would have never met if not for the program. Another leadership role I am glad to be a part of is the College of Agriculture Diversity Committee. Serving as the Student representative to the committee has allowed me to work with faculty members on the committee to find ways to diversify the college and create activities that students can come together and learn about each others cultures in a positive setting.