Environmental Science

Protecting the world around us.

Our environmental science program is an interdisciplinary degree, incorporating studies such as physics, chemistry, biology and geology. Environmental solutions also frequently require mathematical expertise as well as specific knowledge of air, water and soil environments. That’s why this program is structured to prepare you with both a broad and deep knowledge as an environmental scientist. As an environmental science major, you will gain an understanding of contemporary issues facing society as a whole, as well as the historical, social, economic and political contexts that scientists face in dealing with environmental issues on local and global scales. The environmental science major is specifically tailored to produce graduates to succeed in a field that is continually changing with new challenges and solutions.

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The Auburn University environmental science program originated in 1973, and has continued to expand over the years. The objectives of the program include students developing necessary technical knowledge and skills, develop effective communication skills, and prepare students to become responsible citizens. Graduates from this program will demonstrate an understanding of contemporary issues facing society as a whole and the local and global historical, social, economic, and political context environmental science professionals play in dealing effectively with societal problems. Since environmental science is a mission oriented discipline, students will understand and appreciate the unique responsibilities of environmental science professionals to protect and promote the public interest, health and safety.


          Natural resources protection and management Environmental consulting
          Environmental policy and law Conservation
          Environmental management Energy and air pollution control
          Restoration ecology Renewable energy development
          Environmental lobbying Recycling management

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