Applied Biotechnology

Solving tomorrow’s challenges today.

The applied biotechnology major at Auburn is an academic option to prepare science- and technology-minded students to meet the increasing demand for knowledgeable, highly skilled employees in the fast-growing biotech industry. As a graduate of this interdisciplinary degree program, you’ll be equipped to use biological processes and living organisms to produce practical products that can range from pest- and pathogen-resistant plants to human and animal vaccines and from faster-growing catfish to alternative energy sources. If graduate school is in your future, the major in applied biotechnology will prepare you for advanced studies in fields such as biology, agriculture, biomedical sciences, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sciences.

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Your courses will go beyond general biology to include genetics and genomics, microbiology, cell biology, biochemistry, soil and weed sciences, animal growth and development, entomology, plant pathology and plant breeding. You’ll also get hands-on experience with molecular techniques in on-campus labs and gain real-world experience as an intern with a biotechnology-related company.

Environmental scientist Biotechnology scientist
Research associate Seed production technician
Genetic engineer Sustainability officer
Product marketing manager Plant geneticist
Safety specialist Clinical trial manager

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