Schedule Adjustment


Students may add courses on-line from the designated registration dates for each respective term through the first five days of that term (2. Departments can add students to courses through the first 15 days of each respective term (five days for summer terms). Should students need to add courses after the first 15 class days of the term, they need to obtain a Schedule Adjustment Form from their Dean’s Office. This form is used to process course additions. The form is processed in the Office of the Registrar.


No grade penalty is assigned for dropping a course on or before mid-term. A student who withdraws from a course prior to the 15th class day during fall or spring semester will have no grade assignment; however, after the first 15 days a W (Withdrawn Passing) grade will be recorded for the course. For the summer terms, all withdrawals with no W grade assignment must be processed prior to the fifth class day.

A course may be dropped with a W after midterm only under unusual conditions such as serious illness of the student, serious illness or death of a member of the student’s immediate family or other seriously disruptive circumstances. When approval for dropping the course under such circumstances is granted by the student’s dean, a W may be assigned only when the instructor indicates that the student is clearly passing the course. Otherwise, a grade of WF (Withdrawn Failing) is assigned.