Food Science

Ensuring healthier, safer food.

The food science major blends a strong foundation in the basic sciences (chemistry, physics, biology and engineering) with the multidisciplinary expertise of faculty from the departments of animal sciences, poultry science and biosystems engineering. As a student in food science, you’ll have the opportunities to be a part of the food industry through internships and other problem-solving experiences linked directly to industry needs and issues. You’ll also have access to undergraduate research experiences that will prepare you for work on graduate or professional degrees.

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Each food product on the grocery store shelves was conceptualized, developed and manufactured by a team of food scientists. Food science is a multidisciplinary scientific field where concepts of chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, engineering and nutrition are utilized to develop and produce foods that are safe, palatable, healthy and economical. The ever-changing food industry must meet the demands of consumers, meet dietary guidelines for health maintenance and still be profitable for manufacturers. To accomplish these objectives, food scientists use their scientific training within the multi-billion dollar food industry. Food science graduates are prepared to enter many areas of the food industry, including quality control, research and development, and management.

At Auburn University, the food science degree is offered within the Department of Poultry Science. After completing coursework in the basic sciences, you’ll take specialized courses in food chemistry, food analysis, food engineering, food microbiology, processing and product development. An internship or other approved practical experience is required for the food science major. You may also participate in a variety of undergraduate research opportunities as a student in food science.


          Food safety Quality control management
          Food product development Food packaging design and development
          Food production management Process design, development and management
          Nutrition science and research Food production engineering
          Natural products research and development Public health
Photo of Clint Wetzel
Clint Wetzel
Clint works for Kerry Ingredients as a Senior Food Scientist in the Meats and Savory division. Continue Reading
Photo of Brandy Waldrep
Brandy Waldrep
Brandy evaluates fresh products for quality attributes and conduct shelf-life studies. Continue Reading Brandy Waldrep
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Melvin Carter
Food Engineering Services Team Leader and DOD Combat Feeding Directorate, Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center — Natick, Massachusetts…

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Leonard N. Bell
Professor, Food Science Program Coordinator
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