Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences

Feeding a growing population.

Our School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences is the one of the world’s premier warm-water fisheries programs. As a major in fisheries and allied aquacultures, you’ll receive a strong foundation in chemistry, mathematics and biology while learning how to apply these subjects to managing fresh and saltwater aquatic resources. This degree will equip you with an understanding of the principles used in solving problems with aquatic resources and the awareness to provide safe, reliable food through aquaculture production. Graduates of this program are also prepared for veterinary medicine and other professional and graduate schools.

School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences



The aquaculture option provides courses such as Hatchery Management, Aquaculture Production, Introduction to Fish Health and Water Sciences.

Aquatic Resource Management

The aquatic resource management option will prepare you in assessment and management of the flora and fauna of aquatic environments. Course offerings include Limnology, Ischthyology, Marine Ecology and Wetland Biology.

Fisheries Management

The fisheries management option will prepare you for the management of fish populations in reservoirs, rivers and streams to improve recreational fishing. Course offerings include Management of Small Impoundments, Genetics, Hatchery Management and Conservation Biology.

Fisheries Pre-Professional

The fisheries pre-professional option will equip you with a strong foundation in the biological and physical sciences as well as fisheries sciences. It will also prepare you for Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine and other professional schools, including graduate school.

          Marine biology Pond management
          Fish and shellfish farming Pond design and development
          Hatchery management Medicine and veterinary medicine
          Fishery management Aquatic resources management
          Fish and seafood production Wetlands conservation and management
Photo of Steve Marple
Steve Marple
Manager for the Peter W. Pfeiffer Fish Hatchery, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources — Frankfort, Kentucky
Photo of Valentin Abe
Valentin Abe
CEO and Founder, Caribbean Harvest; Executive Director, Caribbean Harvest Foundation — Haiti Continue Reading Valentin Abe
Photo of Robert Rode
Robert Rode
Lab Manager, Purdue University Aquaculture Research Lab — W. Lafayette, Indiana Continue Reading Robert Rode


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