York International Scholars Program (ISP)Request for Funding

(block, copy, and past this page into your word processing document)

  1. Project Title:
  2. Proposal Submitted by: (name, title, department)
  3. Project Start Date:
  4. Project End Date:
  5. Project Objectives:
  6. Project Description (500 words):
  7. Itinerary:
  8. Budget (use template below): 
  9. Budget Justification: (describe non-AU Support and/or Collaboration)
  10. Attach Letter of Commitment from Host Institution.
  11. Attach two-page Curriculum Vitae of applicant or leading faculty member.
  12. If project involves Human or Animal Subjects, indicate status of protocol (in preparation, submitted, or approved). Approval necessary for final funding.
  13. Maymester classes or study tours-provide list of students, degree, curriculums, year in program (students typically cover most of own food costs; program may cover some group meals, particularly with host institution colleagues):
  14. Please email your proposal to ogp@auburn.edu (Office of Global Programs, College of Agriculture) as a single PDF file by September 5, November 5 or February 5 (three review periods).
  15. Applicants will be notified within fifteen days after submission.
  ISP Other AU Host Self
Airfare @ $ per ticket for N people        
Ground transportation (airport taxi, bus, rail, etc.)        
Lodging (use ‘other location’ rates)        
Food (use ‘other location’ rates)        
Equipment or vehicle rental:        
Materials & supplies (if any):        
Labor (e.g. data collection assistance):        
Other costs (tour guide, driver, admission fees, no conference fees):        
Total Amount Requested from ISP: