ENTM 2043 Insects: An Introduction to Entomology

“Insects” is a course designed to introduce students to the field of entomology. It covers the basic principles of insect biology and ecology. These include insect structures, diversity, physiology, development, reproduction and behavior. The course also includes sections on plant feeding insects, plant defenses against insect attack and insect pollination. In addition, insects that act as biology controls by feeding on each other, and those that feed on us and our animals are covered. Lastly, sections on insect dispersal, migration and the tactics of integrated pest management are included.

This  introduction to the study of insects is a computer-based course  that can be taken wherever there is access to the internet.   There are no class meetings so you can work on the course whenever it fits into your schedule.  You can complete the work  as fast as you want and could be done by mid-semester.   However, there are deadlines for the quizzes and exams so you can’t wait until the last week to start work. The mid term and final exams must be taken at the Distance Learning Testing Facility but the quizzes  are taken at your own computer.  Off campus students take the exams under the supervision of a proctor.

Objectives of the course are as follows:

  • To understand the complexities and variation in insect biology, ecology and behavior
  • To appreciate the damage insects cause to plants and animals and their role in biological control
  • To develop a perspective on insects as pollinators and recyclers of organic matter
  • To gain an understanding of the principles of insect ecology and pest management

The course does not include laboratory exercises. However, an advantage of studying insects is that we are surrounded by them in our yards, gardens and homes. If you look around, you will find that examples of the material presented are everywhere.

3 credits.


Howard E. Evans. 1984. Insect Biology — A Textbook of Entomology. Addision-Wesley: Reading, Massachusetts. 436 pp. Available from the Auburn University Bookstore (photocopy) or Amazon.com (used).


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