CSES 5503/6506 Forage Production and Utilization


This course will explore grass and legume forage crops. The crops are considered from the standpoint of
(a) pasture crops, (b) hay and silage crops, (c) soil-improving crops and (d) energy crops.

Undergraduate and graduate students will :
  • Learn the uses of forage plants, forage plant morphology, physiology and ecology, forage species, and agronomics (planting and fertilization).
  • Learn about forage utilization, including feeding value, preservation (hay and silage), grazing management and forage systems for beef cattle and horses.
In addition, graduate students will:
  • Write an in-depth review paper that conforms to scientific journal format, and make an oral presentation consistent with procedures for the national meetings of the Agronomy Society of America.
  • Make a 15-minute oral presentation based on guidelines for presentations at the National Meetings of the Agronomy Society of America.
A one day field excursion will be conducted to observe some of the topics discussed in class. It will serve as a basis for a writing assignment. The excursion will be video recorded for distance learning students.


3 credits


Junior or senior standing required for undergraduates, admission to Graduate School required for graduate students.


Southern Forages, Fourth Edition (2007), by Ball, Hoveland and Lacefield, published by the International Plant Nutrition Institute, ISBN -10: 0962959863, ISBN-13: 978-09629598.

It is essential to buy this book because it is the exclusive resource for numerous sections of the class.


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