CSES 5061/6061 Soil Microbiology Lab

Soil Microbiology Lab is a senior undergraduate or graduate level course designed to provide students with hands-on experiences to study soil microorganisms. Students will learn aseptic techniques, Gram stain, plate counts, and extraction of DNA from soil, as well as how to use a microscope, and how to determine soil microbial biomass, soil enzyme activity, nitrificaition, denitrification, and symbiotic nitrogen fixation.

The lab is taught on Auburn University campus and is being made available in 5 days (during spring break) for distance education students that need the lab portion of the course.

Lab topics:

  • The compound microscope and gram-staining techniques
  • Enumeration of soil bacteria, actinomycetes, and fungi
  • Microbial biomass by fumigation-incubation
  • Phosphatase activity in soil
  • Extraction of soil DNA
  • Nitrification and denitrification by soil bacteria
  • Symbiotic nitrogen fixation

1 credit

CSESĀ 5063/6066

There is no textbook for this lab course. Handouts for each lab can be downloaded from theĀ Blackboard course website.

*CSES 5061 is the undergraduate version of the course / CSESĀ 6061 is the graduate level version of the course


For More Information

Photo of Yucheng Feng, Auburn University, CSES, AL, USA
Yucheng Feng
Professor (Soil Microbiology)
228 Funchess Hall
Auburn Univ, AL 36849