Agriscience Education

Preparing the next generation.

Agriscience education is the preparation of teachers and other professionals to educate middle and high school students and adults in agriculture. With a major in agriscience education, you’ll take the coursework, examinations and field classes required to become certified to teach in the K-12 public school system. Many alumni of this program go on to teach at the K-12 level, while others work with producers and communities through agricultural extension systems.

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  • As an agriscience education major, you’ll become an expert in cross-curriculum education, relating many subject areas to agricultural studies. Instruction often requires problem solving using critical-thinking skills.
  • Teaching agriscience will require your use of classroom and laboratory instruction and supervised work-base experiences to prepare students for advanced study in agriculture.
  • Although many of your classes will be taken in the College of Agriculture, your studies will also be through the College of Education.

As an agriscience education major, your studies will include general education, technical agriculture and professional education. Coursework in technical agriculture will ensure your general knowledge in animal and poultry science, horticulture, agronomy and soils, agricultural economics, agriculture mechanics, forestry, plant science, environmental science and aquaculture. Professional education coursework will prepare you for classroom and laboratory planning as well as evaluation of local agriscience education programs, assessment of student performance and working with diverse learners. The agriscience education major requires a 15-week off-campus professional internship in a selected school.

Educational leadership Agribusiness consulting
Agricultural extension State and local government
K-12 education Vocational or community college teaching
Agricultural sales Public relations
Law and public policy Marketing

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