Hosting J-1 Student Interns

The J-1 Student Intern category allows international students currently enrolled and pursing a degree at a postsecondary academic institution outside the U.S. to participate in student internship programs for up to 12 months (limited to just 12 months of internship per degree level). Departments planning to host J-1 Student Interns are responsible for developing an internship plan, evaluating intern participation, and supporting the intern through faculty mentorship.

Before Completing the DS-2019 Request Form

Before working on the DS-2019 request form, the host faculty member and departmental staff will need to:

  • Check the J-1 student intern program requirements: Refer to the DS-2019 request form page 1 under “J-1 Student Intern Program Requirements.”
  • Under the financial situation: The J-1 Exchange Visitor program regulations require that the J-1 exchange visitor possess adequate financial resources to participate in and complete his or her exchange visitor and support any accompanying spouse and/or children. The minimum support for a single visitor is $1,500 per month, plus $400 per month for a spouse and $350 per month, per child.
  • Determine a reasonable start date (2-3 months in future for unpaid positions; more for paid positions): Refer to the DS-2019 request form page 3 under “Application Process.”
  • If proposed visitor meets criteria and a reasonable start date can be agreed upon, issue an invitation letter: Refer to this SAMPLE J invitation letter.

Completing the DS-2019 Request Form


  • Section 1: J-1 Visitor’s Demographic Information
  • Section 2: Financial Information
  • Section: Dependent Family Information
  • At the bottom of section 3, the potential J-1 is required to provide supporting documentation: Refer to the DS-2019 request form page 6 under “Required Documentation to be Submitted with this Form.”


  • Section 4: Department Information and Approval
  • Pages 8 and 9: English Proficiency
  • Page 10: Banner ID request form (Complete this form only if a Banner ID and building access are needed.)
  • Host department is required to provide: Original invitation letter to visitor and detailed description of activity, which describes what the visitor will be doing while at AU.
  • The host department is also responsible for checking the completeness of the entire DS-2019 application form and making sure all supporting documentation is attached.


  • On page 7, please collect signatures from the hosting faculty member and department chair.
  • On pages 8 and 9, if an English Language Proficiency Interview is conducted, please collect signature from the interviewer.
  • On page 10, please collect signature from department chair.


Upon reaching the dean’s office, the application packet will be processed according to the following steps:

  • Kelly Pippin will collect a signature from the Dean and forward the packet to the Auburn Research Security Office for Georgia White’s approval.
  • Georgia White will then forward the packet to the Provost’s Office for Kerry Ransel’s approval.
  • Kerry Ransel will deliver the packet to the Office of International Programs (OIP) for them to process the DS-2019.
  • OIP staff will email the host faculty when a paper DS-2019 is ready to be picked up; OIP staff will email the scholar directly  regarding visa application and entering the country.
  • Faculty or departmental staff may stop by 228 Foy Hall to pick up the document and arrange shipping.
  • Faculty or departmental staff may start pre-arrival communication with the scholar regarding housing, office space, etc., if they have not already done so.