Our Work

It starts before the fork. It goes beyond the farm.

It’s our work—and it’s what brings us here every day. At the Auburn University College of Agriculture, we address world-shaping issues in health, economics, global politics, ecology, energy and commerce.

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We feed the world’s hunger for knowledge.

Explore the college’s academic programs and learn more about our faculty, our curriculum and the student experience.

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We plant the ideas that lead to global change.

Read about the groundbreaking research our faculty, students and alumni are conducting around the world.

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Graduates at Work

We build communities and improve lives through our work every single day.

Find out how our alumni are impacting communities and lives throughout Alabama, across the nation and around the world.

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We lace up our boots to spread knowledge to the world.

Learn how we advance Auburn’s land-grant mission through outreach, extension, and community programs.

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