Strategic Plan — Undergraduate Education

Our Impact: Undergraduate Education

GOAL:  Develop graduates who will be leaders in solving complex and emerging issues in agricultural, food, and environmental sciences.


  1. Deliver high impact, innovative instructional programs through engaged student learning.
    1. Incorporate inquiry- based, international, and experiential learning opportunities throughout curricula
    2. Maintain modern instructional facilities capable of providing effective instructional technology
  2. Support diverse student population and access to educational opportunities.
    1. Recruit students from diverse backgrounds by promoting the science of agriculture and the environment
    2. Recruit diverse faculty with targeted expertise to support interdisciplinary instructional programs, curricula, and opportunities
    3. Provide access to instruction through targeted online learning opportunities
  3. Foster an engaged network of alumni, industry, extension, teaching, and research partners in support of instructional programs
    1. Utilize networks to deliver experiential learning, mentoring, and internship opportunities for students and to ensure that instructional and curricular content are relevant and adequate
    2. Cultivate relationships with stakeholders and networks to support scholarships, instructional facilities, and educational opportunities
  4. Cultivate a personalized and supportive academic community
    1. Provide targeted opportunities for student personal and professional development
    2. Create opportunities that foster a culture of mentorship between and among faculty, staff, and students
  5. Support and recognize excellence in academic achievement
    1. Recognize and support the scholarship of teaching and learning for faculty
    2. Reward students, faculty, and advisors for academic excellence
    3. Engage faculty in professional development opportunities related to instruction.

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