Strategic Plan — Global Programs

Our Impact: Global Programs

GOAL:  Engage global partners and cultivate an international dimension within our scientific and academic pursuits.


  1. Foster, support, recognize, and reward international engagement and exchange of ideas by students, faculty, and staff.
    1. Support recruitment and hosting of international students, scholars and visitors
    2. Establish scholarships for qualified international students from developing countries
    3. Facilitate networking among international students and scholars and in support of social needs and well-being.
    4. Reward and recognize faculty, staff and students for international engagement in teaching, research and extension/outreach.
    5. Communicate the benefits of our international engagement to all stakeholders.
  2. Prepare globally aware students by integrating international experiences into academic programs.
    1. Develop and support opportunities for cross-disciplinary education and experiences abroad for students.
    2. Cultivate opportunities for faculty at AU and international institutions to teach as visiting professors.
    3. Develop and foster exposure to global topics and perspectives in the curriculum.
    4. Promote and support cross-border education programs with international partners, including 3+2, 3+1, 2+2 and related programs.
  3. Promote and support participation of students, faculty, and staff in international instructional, research, and Extension programs.
    1. Facilitate increased grantsmanship and funding for globally-focused projects.
    2. Provide seed/travel grant support for international engagement.
    3. Facilitate and support team building among faculty by creating and sustaining faculty working groups.
    4. Foster international research collaborations and improve the college’s reputation in international programming by engaging international institutions, funding agencies and international alumni.

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