Quantitative Fisheries Laboratory

Auburn University’s Quantitative Fisheries Lab conducts scientific research on the dynamics of fish and invertebrate populations, the fisheries that pursue them, and quantitative methods for stock assessment and management decision-making.

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Population Dynamics

Research factors affecting recruitment of fish, demographic responses to harvesting.

About Us

Some of our current projects involve Gulf of Mexico red snapper, reservoir largemouth bass fisheries in Alabama, recreational fishing effort dynamics and creel survey methods at large reservoirs, trophic interactions and management of small impoundments, and assessment/management of Chinook salmon stocks of western Alaska. We emphasize the development and use of quantitative models to understand the behavior of these complex systems and to support science-based fisheries management.

Our projects typically involve a combination of intensive field sampling and data collection efforts with computer estimation and simulation modeling. If this kind of thing interests you, take a look through our current projects.


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