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Welcome to the Dyce Lab. Focusing on the research of reproductive biology.

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Current Opportunities

Looking for Grad Students and/or Post Doctoral Researchers. Read more below.

Current Research Focus

Dr. Paul Dyce’s lab research focuses on several key areas:

  • Studying the ability of fetal porcine and postnatal mouse skin-isolated stem cells to form germ cells under various in vitro culture conditions. The ability of stem cells to form germ cells in vitro opens up many possibilities to study germ cell formation under controlled in vitro conditions.
  • Exploration of intra-ovarian signaling pathways required for normal oocyte/embryo development within livestock species. This has the potential to improve in vitro oocyte techniques such as growth, maturation and cryopreservation within agriculturally relevant species.
  • Develop molecular methods to improve heifer and gilt selection for reproductive potential to improve the productivity and efficiency of these valuable agriculture sectors

Current Assistant Opportunities

Graduate Students

We are currently looking for motivated graduate students at the MSc and Ph.D. levels looking to join our research team. Research in the lab currently covers germ cell development, stem cell biology and biomarker identification within agriculturally relevant species. If you are interested in enhancing your training within the scope of our lab we would like to hear from you.


We are currently looking for an experienced postdoctoral researcher, with training in reproductive biology and molecular biology, to join our team. If you are an enthusiastic and motivated researcher, seeking enhanced training within the scope of our lab, we would like to hear from you.

 If you are interested in joining our lab please send an email to Dr. Paul Dyce.


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Dr. Paul Dyce
Associate Professor
295 CASIC Building
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