The Noel Lab

The goal of the lab is to improve the livelihood of growers/farmers in Alabama, the US, and the world by addressing biotic and abiotic diseases of crops through research, education, and service. 

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Seed and Seedling Microbiomes

Can we design microbial communities for disease protection? 

Agricultural Management & Inputs

How are microbial communities altered by management or disturbance?

Microbial Interactions & Biocontrol

What are the interactions among fungi/oomycetes and bacteria?

About Us

The lab studies and teaches about the fungi, bacteria, and oomycetes associated with a crop plant to understand how complex dynamics in various plant organs/environments contribute to disease development and abiotic stress tolerance. We will focus on how agricultural management shapes fungal and oomycete diversity and interactions within the plant microbiome.


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209 Life Science Building
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Monday – Friday
7:45 am – 4:45 pm
Except Univ. Holidays

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Wells named Botts Endowed Professor

Wells named Botts Endowed Professor

Auburn University has awarded Daniel Wells, associate professor of horticulture, with its Elbert A. and Barbara L. Botts Endowed Professorship, effective this month. The appointment is for 33 months, January 2024-September 2026. Wells has served at Auburn since 2014,...