Veracis ANSC Communications Group

Mission: To embrace values of integrity, honest and transparent education, accurate research, evidence-based information which counters / debunks misinformation. Create outreach options to educate and equip others with communication skills and experience.

About US

Group's Research

The Group conducts innovative communication of science research around strategies to convey scientific information through accessible media tools enabling credible animal ag information to more effectively reach producers, consumers and non-ag tribes.

As researchers of science communication, our team of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students plan and conduct research which provides insights into more effective methods and practices to transmit scientific research results to non-expert audiences in trustworthy, credible and understandable ways. Our research seeks to develop models for practiced communication of evidence based information which bridges the gap between ag and non-ag social sectors.

Projects include continuous response measurement and survey methodologies to examine impact of image on emotional influence and message perception; podcasting as a tool of influence along with its use and barriers within Extension programming; examination of uniquely constructed cognitive vs emotional video messaging toward altered perceptions of animal agriculture; examination of social media messaging to alter / influence perceptions; educational / pedagogical design of modules for use in science communication and assessment of educational equipping toward influence of audiences; and Community Capitals studies around the Impacts of leadership development programming.






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