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  • Zhongyuan Liu – 2019-2021 Post-Doctoral Fellow & Former Lab Manager, now Quantitative Analyst, Truist Bank
  • Allison Borchers – Ph.D. Student, now U.S. Forest Service
  • Jennifer Egan – Ph.D. Student & Former Lab Manager
  • Tianhang Gao – Ph.D. Student & Former Lab Manager, now Citi, Assistant Vice President, Analyst
  • Benjamin Attia – M.S. Student, now Principal Research Analyst at Wood Mackenzie working on the solar photovoltaic market
  • Steven J. Dundas – M.S. Student, now Associate Professor, Applied Economics, Oregon State University
  • Kate Miller Hutelmyer – M.S. Student, now Partnership for the Delaware Estuary
  • Wenbo Liu – M.S. Student, now Key Bank
  • Emerson Paradee – M.S. Student
  • Jennifer Popkin – M.S. Student, now Senior Consultant, West Monroe Consulting Company
  • Gregory Vitz – M.S. Student, now U.S. Department of Energy, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Kristen (Loughery) Waltz – M.S. Student, now U.S. Forest Service
  • Cathryn Soriano – Undergraduate Researcher, now DNREC’s Climate & Sustainability Section, Environmental Scientist II
  • Eryn Lindner – Undergraduate Researcher
  • Tyler Monteith – Undergraduate Researcher, now Nutrient Trading Program Coordinator, Virginia DEQ
  • Megan Murray – Undergraduate Researcher
  • Chenchen Tang – Visiting Scholar
  • Huan Mao – Visiting Scholar
  • Xutao Qu – Visiting Scholar
  • Liwen Yuan – Visiting Scholar

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