Step-by-Step Vendor
Registration Guide

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Step-by-Step AU Vendor Guide (PDF)

Step 1: Create an account

To create a new account, go to and enter your email address. Click “Next.”

You likely do not have an account yet, so you will have to click “Create Account.”

fig 2: Enter your email

You will then need to click “I am or represent a person providing goods and services.” Then click “continue with registration.”

Fig 3: Click the option, I am or represent a person providing goods or services

You will then need to select “I am or represent a person providing goods or services” again.

Fig 4: Select the same option again.

Then fill out your name and select –
“Social Security Number / Social Insurance Number.”

Fill in your SSN.

Fill in your title, phone number, time zone, and email.

Fig 5: Select Social Security Number or Insurance Number

Re-enter your email, choose a password, and select an account recovery question. Review the terms and conditions by clicking on the blue link. Check the box that you have read and accepted Jaggaer’s terms and conditions.

Fig 6: Fill out Title, Phone number, time zone, email

Click the “I’m not a robot” box and select “create account.”

Fig 7: Click I'm not a robot to create account.

You will receive an email from will come to the email you put into the website before. If you do not get an email within a couple of minutes, make sure to check your junk or spam folder. Once you receive your email from, click “complete registration now.”

Fig 7: Click Complete Registration Now

A new window should open. Click “Submit.”

Fig 8: Opens new window, Click Submit

You have now successfully created an account!

Step 2: Registering as a vendor

When you pressed submit you should have automatically been taken to a webpage prompting you to login with your email and password. Login using your information. If this did not happen, use this link

Fig 9: Prompts you to login with your new email and password.

Enter your first and last name.

Fig 9c: Enter your first and last name.

Enter the rest of your information. Select no if you are exempt from backup withholding. If you do not know if you are exempt press the ‘?’ button.

Using the information provided decide if you are exempt from backup withholding. Choose the appropriate response. Select ‘Save Changes’.

Add an address by clicking the ‘add address button’

Fill out your address and phone number. Select ‘Next’.

Re-enter your information and select ‘save changes’

Click ‘Add Payment Information’

You will be given the option to choose payment via Direct Deposit or Check. Direct deposit is the fastest, and most secure method of payment and is recommended. However, we are able to mail you a check as well. Choose whatever method you are the most comfortable with. This walkthrough will first show you how to set up payment by direct deposit. Then it will show you how to set up payment via check. You only need to do one of these options.

Option 1: Setting up payment via direct deposit.

Select ‘DirectDeposit (ACH)’.

Enter “Fish Tag” as payment title. Put ‘ACH’ as ‘Direct Deposit Format’, and ‘USD’ as ‘Currency’. Under active select ‘yes’.

Scroll down and add your bank’s name, routing number, and your account number. Leave flex fields blank. Select ‘save changes’.

Select “next”

Option 2: Setting up payment via check.

If you want to receive your reward as a check, select check from the dropdown menu.

VERY IMPORTANT: PUT ‘FISH TAG’ AS PURPOSE. Under the payment title put ‘Fish Tag’. Enter your information. Click ‘Yes’ for active. Press ‘Save Changes’.

Next you will need to add a tax document.

Name the tax document, put in this year, and click ‘download Pre-populated Tax Document’

There are 3 ways to sign and upload your signed W9. You can sign and upload the document electronically. You can also print and sign the document, scan the signed document to your computer, and then upload it electronically. Or you can print the W9, sign it, and then mail it to us. This walkthrough will demonstrate all three of these options. You only need to do one of these.

Option 1: Sign and upload the document electronically.

This method is a good choice if you don’t have access to a printer or scanner. This walkthrough will demonstrate how to sign a document electronically.

Go to

If you don’t already have an adobe account you can create a free one by pressing ‘create an account’. You can also log in via facebook or google.

If using an iPhone here is a video showing how to sign a pdf on an iPhone

Enter your email, name, password, and date of birth. Select ‘Create account’

Open a new window to check your email for an email from ‘’. Make sure to check your ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ folder. This message will contain a 6 digit verification code.

Go back to where you were creating your account on your internet browser and enter the 6 digit code that was emailed to you.

After creating your account press ‘select a file’.

Find the pre-populated W9 you downloaded earlier. Check your ‘downloads’ and ‘recents’ folders. You can also search for the document by typing in its name. Click on the document and then click upload.

A blue box with instructions will appear. Press next and read the instructions.

Press ‘Add signature’. Type in your name, press ‘apply’. You can also draw your signature by pressing ‘draw’.

Drag the signature to where it says ‘Signature of U.S. person’ and click to put the signature there.

Click the ‘A’ button, then click where it says date. Type in today’s date.

Press the ‘download’ button.

The file should automatically download. Go back to your vendor registration portal(If you closed your vendor registration portal go to, log back in using your email and password, press tax information, then press add tax document). Press ‘select file’.

Go to your downloads folder, your most recently downloaded document should be the signed pdf. You can also search for the document. Select the document and press ‘upload’.

Press ‘save changes’.

Option 2: Print, Sign, and upload.

For this method you will need to download the pre-populated tax document as well.

Locate the document on your computer, right click on the document and press print. Once the document has printed you will need to sign and date the document. You will then need to scan the document back to your computer and upload it to the website. Upload the signed document by pressing the select file button.

Go to your downloads folder, your most recently downloaded document should be the signed pdf. You can also search for the document if you can’t find it in your downloads folder, it may be named something ending in ‘scan’. Select the document and press ‘upload’.

Press ‘save changes’.

The fastest and safest way to submit your W9 is online using one of the methods above. However, if you would rather mail your W9 to us that is fine. You need to email and tell her that you are mailing your W9.


Print and mail the document to:

Procurement & Business Services
212 Ingram Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849-5101

A note that says I caught a tagged fish. I was unable to upload my W9 electronically and need vendor registration to submit my W9. Include your name and contact information as well.

Click ‘certify and submit’.

Fill out your information and click ‘submit’.

Congratulations, you have completed the vendor registration process! We appreciate your time and effort and look forward to paying your monetary reward.

If you were unable to complete the process, please contact us at, or contact Cynthia Caldwell-Jackson at
You can also call us at 1(833) 515-5137.


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Step-by-Step Vendor Registration Guide


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