Duke Lab Grants

Recent Grants (Since 2010)

Delaware Agricultural Lands Preservation Foundation Grant

  • Exploring Ways to Ensure the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Delaware’s Conservation Efforts, $10,000, 2010-2012 – K.D. Messer (PI), J.M. Duke (co-PI)

Delaware Environmental Institute Grant

  • An Economic Analysis of the Visual Effects of Offshore Wind Projects, $50,000, 2011-2013 – K. Messer (PI), J. Duke, G. Parsons, J. Johnson (co-PIs)

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Grants

  • 2017–2018 – An Experiment on the Public Acceptability, Efficiency, and Spatial Impacts of Land Value Taxation, $28,000 – J. Duke (PD)
  • 2015–2016 – Public Acceptability and Land Value Taxation: An Experimental Economics Investigation, $23,000 – J. Duke (PD)

Mid-Atlantic Water Program Grant

  • Subaward for Delaware, 2012-2013 – Additionality and Best Management Practices in the Chesapeake Bay: Nutrient Trading, $27,000 – J. Duke (PI)

National Science Foundation Grants

  • WSC-Category 1, 2012-2014 – Water Sustainability in Coastal Environments: Exploratory Research for an Integrated Study of the Effect of Anticipated Sea Level Rise on Contaminated Site Risk, $145,000 – J. Duke (PI), D. Sparks, H. Michael, K. Messer (Co-PIs)
  • Collaborative Research, 2010-2014 – An Experimental Econ. Investigation of Groundwater Res. Dynamics, $369,483 – J. Suter (PI), K. Messer, H. Michael, J. Duke (co-PIs)

U.S. Department of Agriculture Grants

  • AFRI, 2016–2020 – Targeted Conservation Contracts to Enhance Agricultural Best Management Practices: Incorporating Heterogeneity and Predicting Additionality, $498,434 – J. Duke (PD), A. Shober, R. Johnston (Co-PDs)
  • Agricultural Marketing Service, FSMIP, Sept 30, 2015 – Sept 29, 2017 – The Effect of Preservation Labeling on Local Food Marketing Premiums, $87,261 (with additional 1:1 match) – J. Duke (PD), J. Bernard (Co-PD)
  • National Integrated Water Quality Program, 2012-2016 – Water Quality and Ecosystem Services from Landscape Best Management Practices that Enhance Vegetation in Urbanizing Watersheds, $595,000 – S. Inamdar (PI), D. Tallamy, J. Bruck, S. Barton, J. Duke (Co-PIs)
  • Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, 2009-2014 – Understanding the Appreciation of Preserved Farmland Values and Evaluating Policies to Enhance Farmers’ Access to Preserved Farms, $500,000 – B.J. Schilling (PD); Project Leaders (Co-PIs): J.M. Duke, J.D. Esseks, L. Lynch; Senior Personnel: P.D. Gottlieb, L.J. Marxen, K.P. Sullivan
  • Economic Research Service, cooperative agreement, 2011-2013 – Additionality and Incentive Problems in the TMDL and WIP Nutrient Trading Frameworks Being Developed for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, $24,000 – J. Duke (PI)
  • Economic Research Service, 2007-2011 – Applying Economic Experiments to Improve the Design and Implementation of Conservation Programs, $332,104 plus amendment of $45,000 plus UD match plus $20,000 CANR Seed Grant – K. Messer, M. Weinberg (PIs), J. Duke, D. Hellerstein, N. Higgins, L. Lynch (co-PIs)
  • ISE, 2008-2010 – Sustainable Agriculture and Watershed Management in Developing Countries: Enhancing International Education, Research, and Extension Opportunities, $123,506 – S.P. Inamdar (PI), T.O. Awokuse, J.M. Duke, D.J. Hansen, J.T. Sims (co-PIs).

Delaware Water Resources Center (Internships for Undergraduate Students)

  • Procuring Abatement: Cover Crop Cost Heterogeneity and Optimal Policy Design in Delaware, 2014-2015
  • Sustainable Mgt. of Water and Ecosystem Services on a Residential Landscape in Del., 2013-2014
  • The Returns to Best Management Practices: Evidence from Early Proposals for Nutrient Trading in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, 2012-2013
  • Endangered Species on the Delaware River: Ecological, Economic and Institutional Concerns, 2009-2010

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