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Faculty & Staff Members

Zachary Noel Headshot
Assistant Professor

Plant health issues growers face within agricultural ecosystems are complex and dynamic. The goal of my research program is to study how agricultural management influence fungal, oomycete, and bacterial diversity and interactions to develop new strategies to promote plant growth and prevent plant diseases. I am particularly interested in studying fungal and oomycete interactions with bacteria at the seed and seedling stage of plant development. I am also interested in understanding how agricultural management systems alter the complexity and resiliency within microbial communities. 

Graduate Students

Oluwakemisola Olofintila Headshot

Oluwakemisola Olofintila
M.Sc. Student

Oluwakemisola “Kemi” is a M.Sc. student working on oomycete communities associated with Alabama field crops and spermosphere ecology as it pertains to PGPR biocontrol and pre-emergence damping off caused by various oomycete species. 

Education​ & Research experience

  • B.S. Botany (First Class). University of Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Intern at International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Oyo State, Nigeria

Undergraduate Students

Emily Munroe Headshot

Emily Munroe
Undergraduate Student

Emily is a junior biomedical sciences student here at Auburn University and is researching phylloplane yeast communities and interactions with bacteria. 

Charis Harrison

Charis Harrison
Undergraduate Student

Charis is a Microbial, Cellular, and Molecular Biology student here at Auburn University and is focusing on fungal and bacterial communities in the spermosphere. 


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