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Our Auburn bees and beekeepers do excellent work, which means we take a lot of pride in our product. Learn all about our AU-Bees Honey and its distinct quality.

AU Bees Auburn Honey Labels on Bottles, Alabama, Pure Honey 2021

Honey & T-shirt Sales

The 2021 AU-Bees Summer Honey Sale has concluded. Thank you to everyone who supported the AU-Bees program!

Don’t forget to also order your very own AU-Bees T-shirt and show your support!

AU-Bees, Pure Honey Label, 8oz, Auburn University, College of Agriculture, Alabama, USA 2021

The Honey Label

What’s in a label? Well a lot!

A honey label provides the chance for a beekeeper to show their individual flare. Some labels are very simple – clean and neat – while others are examples of art masterpieces!

Note: For more details about labelling your honey, please refer to the National Honey Board.

Besides having the FDA requirements for labels; common product name, net weight (in imperial/metric units), ingredients, country of origin, and contact information…

Our honey label is interactive & contains more sticky information!

  • Honey origin story – Bee yard locations
  • Bee yard personnel
  • Honey extraction
  • Bottling Information
  • Moisture Content
  • Nutrition facts
  • Granulation
  • Botulism
AU-Bees, Auburn University, Honey Interactive Label, Alabama, USA, 8oz, Bee Lab Yard-1, 2021

AU-Bees Interactive Label QR Code & Link

By scanning the QR Code or typing the URL into your web-browser, consumers of our honey will learn exactly where the honey came from, how it was processed, and who was responsible, from farm to table. Our goal is to produce a high quality product that you can trust.


We are proud to partner with this non-profit promoting consumption of locally produced agricultural products in Alabama – from apples to zucchini.










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