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Our research focus is to minimize non-point source pollution of phosphorus and nitrogen in agricultural systems. We utilize a systems approach to develop solutions for better utilization of animal manure and reduce their environmental footprints.

Some of our ongoing research projects are:

  • Phosphorus characterization of Alabama soils, development and evaluation of tools for environmental phosphorus loss risk assessment.
  • Assessing the quality and quantity of agricultural runoff and phosphorus loss from the agricultural fields as a result of the adoption of cover crop and smart irrigation technologies through edge-of-field monitoring experiments.
  • Understanding the distribution of soil phosphorus pools in manure-impacted Alabama soil regions to guide the development of best management practices to reduce phosphorus losses.
  • Understanding the impacts of phosphorus stratification on yield in row crop systems.
  • Quantifying nitrogen losses from row crop systems receiving animal manure using a field-scale nitrogen budget and crop simulation modeling.
  • Exploring the role of gypsum as a bedding material in poultry houses to reduce ammonia emissions and evaluating the suitability of gypsum-amended litter for row crop production.
  • Development of novel phosphorus extraction technology from poultry litter and synthesizing next-generation biofertilizers.
  • Development of high fertilizer-grade poultry litter pellets.


Animal Waste and environmental nutrient management Laboratory is equipped with the latest state of the art instruments:

    • Agilent 5800-ICP-OES
    • VarioMax CHNS analyzer
    • FiaLabs Flow injection Analyzer
    • SEAL AA500 AutoAnalyzer
    • Buchi Speed Digester K-439
    • Binder Incubator
    • Huber KISS K6 chiller
    • Radleys Reactor-Ready Pilot Lab Reactor


We are always looking for hard-working and dedicated graduate students and postdocs who are problem solvers and want to make a difference in the world.


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